Terrence Williams back in the Nba

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Terrence Williams back in the Nba

Terrence Williams has signed with the Celtics with a 10 day contract.

Good signing or bad signing?

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He wont add much,but he's a

He wont add much,but he's a nice addition after the injuries to Rondo & Barboso.....But they need rebounding help more then anything.....

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Considering they just lost Rondo, you'd think they'd need PG help more than anything...

I like Bradley and JET, and they can run the point in a pinch, but I'd much rather have a real PG on the floor for running the offense. If T-Will can snag a few rebounds, he will have paid off.

It's a 10-day contract, what is there to lose?

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There is no such thing as a

There is no such thing as a bad 10-day contract, but I wonder if his Chinese club will release him from his contract. The team finished with the best record in the CBA and begin their league playoffs in a week. Williams left the team to deal with a death in his family, but I do not know if that voided the contract to allow him to return to the NBA.

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Dont know if he'll be there

Dont know if he'll be there long term.. but Doc Rivers is one no nonsense coach that could get the most out of him..

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So the Celtics lose two PG's

So the Celtics lose two PG's to injury and sign a SF to a 10 day contract? Something must really be going on with Delonte West for no one to have picked him up. I know he left the D-league team because he knew Cuban wasn't going to pick him back up, but that's valid reason to me.

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Yeah somethings up with

Yeah somethings up with Delonte West. He's &$#%#[email protected]! crazy. He's a starter on the I'm-a-little-bit-different team with World Peace, Cousins, Beasley and Rondo.

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They want to try him as a ball handler. He handles it well in case guys try to press them. Its just a 10 day try out. Interesting.

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He has all the talent in the

He has all the talent in the world. How many players not in the league and go average a triple double in the dleague? I have always been a fan of his talent and wish him the best.

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Good signing and being around

Good signing and being around paul pierce, KG and Doc rivers will be great for this gus attitude and approach to the game.

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I don't think this is a PG

I don't think this is a PG replacement. In my opinion, it is looking like they signed him because the Celtics know they will need some Small Forward depth after wednesday AKA the trade deadline. My guess would be Jeff Green will be traded, but, if he or Pierce is not, then don't expect Williams to be kept around. I'm calling it here. This is trade deadline prep.

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judging from most of the post

I can see some of you are caught up on position with in reality the Celtics are more worried about skill sets. I remember reading a interview not to long ago, where coach doc explained that they need size the most and also someone that could handle the rock. Williams position maybe SF/SG but he's a good ball handler and underated in his decision making/ finding his team mates. He also adds some athletisism to team that could use a little bit more, at this point Jeff green is there most athletic player.

Lets see if Williams can take advantage of this oppertunitty.

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Doc going to get him right.

Doc going to get him right. Good sign they can now trade courtney lee and stay under cap

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One of those guys that keeps

One of those guys that keeps me scratching my head why he isn't better in the league, maybe with vets like KG and Pierce it will finally click

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I don't get it, if Deshawn

I don't get it, if Deshawn Stevenson can stick in the NBA, why can't this guy.

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