terrence williams

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terrence williams

what is the deal with terrence williams and how come he hasnt turned into a starter yet? he got traded to houston which he was geting no PT ne ways.. i know he doesnt have a jump shot and cant really play off the ball but with his ability such as ball handing, vision and jump i expected big things out of him. I think teams like t wolves, utah and clippers would fit

t wolves and clippers seem to me best fit cuz he can handle the rock and also has elite athletes to pass to ( his playing skills are his best gift)

what do you guys think?

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Terrence Williams had a solid

Terrence Williams had a solid rookie year, and looked like he was on his way on being the Nets future starting SG. Then the arrival of Avery Johnson came, and the two didnt see eye-to-eye, and even sent Terrence to the D-League, which I thought was pretty ridiculous that he was willing to give minutes to the likes of Sasha Vujacic and not Terrence. I believe Avery just didn't like Terrence personally which prompted the trade of Terrence to Houston. 

Terrence arrives in Houston with a crowded sets of wingplayers (Martin, Budinger, Battier, Courtney Lee). He did not/does not fit with the team due to his needs of having the ball in his hands to be effective, and his inability to play effectively without the ball. He may be traded again, since I don't think he fits the current Rockets team. Injuries also hampered him this past season.

I still think he will be a very good role player, the guy is an excellent defender, teams can always use guys like him, and even though he is 24 years old, he still has a ton of untapped potential believe it or not. He just needs to find a team that fits his skills. The guy brings alot to the table as a player. 

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