Is terrence jones a sf or pf at the next level

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Is terrence jones a sf or pf at the next level

How tall is he is he a pf or sf I dont watch much ncaa ball

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He's somewhere in between,

He's somewhere in between, which is the problem...

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He's 6'8'' and maybe some

He's 6'8'' and maybe some change. It really depends on if he has the speed/quickness to defend SF's at the NBA level. If he can do that, along with improving his handle, I think he can turn himself into a SF. He's already fairly athletic and quite strong, so defending PF's might be easier for him.

Also, it might depend on what team drafts him. If they need a 4 then they will most likely try to improve his power forward skills.

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He's a bigtime "tweener" His

He's a bigtime "tweener"
His combine measurement is going to be crucial for him..

Personally, i'd suggest that he decides to be a PF, just add some bulk to compensate for height and work on his post skills

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he's already pretty bulky,

he's already pretty bulky, it's amazing how he moves at that size. he's going to end up playing both positions like a josh smith or lamar odom.

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Terrance Jones = Brandon

Terrance Jones = Brandon Bass.

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I see him playing SF most

I see him playing SF most effectively at the next level. He has the type of skills that get the job done. That said at PF he could try and stretch the floor, his range isn't premier but I feel like his skills could develop so he could produce something like Al Harrington has been able to lately...

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terrence is a big time

terrence is a big time tweener but hes a real nice player. he'll prob measure 6'8'' barefoot, 6'9.25'' with shoes

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There is no good case to be

There is no good case to be made for Jones being a SF at the next level. None.

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Terrence Jones is a pf

I think terrence jones is a pf with the body of a small forward kinda reminds me of Thaddeus young i dont think he shoots it well enough to play the sf in the nba

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I think he can be one of those guys who comes off the bench to play the 3 when the team has a stretch 4 on the floor. (e.g. Bosh/ Ryan Anderson/ bargnani).

I have no doubts that he can guard most bench players who are put at the 3 position in the NBA. Full time starting 3? I think never.

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He will at best be a Thaddeus

He will at best be a Thaddeus Young type. Energy 4 off the bench who uses his quickness as an advantage.

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honestly, I dont see him

honestly, I dont see him playing much early in his career. he is like Lamar Odom, he can play both may even see him play some Center in spot minutes, like Trevor Booker. He is pretty strong. He is not as talented as Odom and doesnt have the footspeed to contain SF on a regular basis. I dont like the terms tweener and undersized. I think he will be most effective as a 4 and if he improves his footwork, he will see some time at the 3. I think he will be a solid pro, just not right out the gate....and not as good as Odom, who played at an All-Star level for many years of his career.

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stretch 4

I think he can be an athletic, hustle type, stretch pf. How effective he is will depend on the system he's in. Like if he played next to Dwight Howard, he can space the floor on offense, and get boards while his deficiencies against pf on defense can be compensated playing next to a defensive center.

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At worst hes a marvin williams but hes really underatted just cuz he played on a loaded team people doubt him but i c a antwoine walker type future possibly paul pierce.

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I think he is a 4. His

I think he is a 4. His quickness isn't great for a 3 and his lack of shooting ability could clog up the floor if he was a 3. He also won't be able to do a lot of the things he was effective at in college as an NBA 3. I don't think he would make a big impact as a slasher or iso threat at the 3 due to his lack of an off hand and mediocre quickness. His ball handling ability is good for a 4, but isn't anything special for a 3.

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He definitely can't guard

He definitely can't guard PF's right now, go watch the NCAA championship game again and see how easily he got backed down by Robinson. Posted Jones at will.

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I see him as a SF.

I see him as a SF.

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Yeah Biggy is right, he's

Yeah Biggy is right, he's going to be Thaddeus Young, a bench PF ideally. He has decent perimeter skills though, so if he works on it he could work his way into a starting SF role, but his immediate impact will be as a PF I think.

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will be much more SF but not

will be much more SF but not that effective because of lack of intensity and consistence.

as a player he is a clone of James Johnson from the Raptors in all aspects of the game, skills and physical characteristic.

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terrance jones is comparable

terrance jones is comparable to marvin williams and jeff green which causes trouble because who will be two small to play th epf and lacks the perimeter game two be a 3 he will likely struggle the first couple years trying to find a niche may not have the athleticism of the other two

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Personally I like the James

Personally I like the James Johnson comparison. That's who I compared him to as well. His jumpshot is actually better than James' and he is already a betterr post player. Terrence actualoly sacrificed his draft stock a lot by playing a smaller team oriented role with Kentucky this past season. IMO, he'll be better at defending 4's, thanks to his strength,l but will also be able to guard some the stronger 3's of the league such as LBJ and PIerce.

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