Terran Petteway

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Terran Petteway

Despite living in Minnesota I typically don't watch anything Big 10 related, but with the tourney coming up I figured OSU-Nebraska would be a good game to watch. I'd heard about this Petteway guy and I figured if you're the man on a tourney team in a great conference you're worth watching. I decided to look up his background a little bit and I was shocked to see not only is he only a sophomore, but how meteoric his rise has been, seriously look at his career stats.

He's looked good against a very good defensive team in OSU, he's got legit size and the improvement he's made in college is staggering. Has anyone else seen enough of him to make a guess of what type of prospect he is?

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Didn't really know much about

Didn't really know much about this guy until I watched them play the badgers, but he stood out immediately. This site compares him to Jared Dudley, but based off my first impression of the guy, I don't like that comparison at all. He was all over the court and wrecking havoc on the badgers. Maybe played a little out of control at times, but it didn't really bother me because of how much fire he played with. He's got a sweet stroke and looked like he has the athleticism and aggressiveness to be a solid defender in the NBA.

I don't know why but I see a little Kawhi Leonard in him. He plays with the high motor that Kawhi does. However, I think he's definitely a shooting guard. He's more aggressive offensively than Kawhi and not quite the defender, but with how hard he plays I believe he could get to that level defensively.

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To me his style of play is

To me his style of play is sort of similar to Darrell Walker....

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He's pretty much what Isaiah

He's pretty much what Isaiah Thomas dreamed Renaldo Balkman was going to be.

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