Terence Stansbury

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Terence Stansbury

I was watching the classic 1985 Slam Dunk Contest... I knew Dominique won that one... But boy oh boy, I was familiar with this name but never knew how freakishly athletic this dude can be... I mean, I tell ya, if he did those dunks in the Slam Dunk Contest today, he would have a huge chance of winning it... (especially the 2010 edition zzzzzzzzzz)... But anyway, I was just wondering why this guy never became a household name... I mean, I am pretty much knowledgeable in some aspects... I know all about some contestants like Dr. Dunkenstein Darrell Griffith and Orlando Wooldridge but Terence Stansbury never crossed my mind...

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Watch this CLASSIC....Michael Jordan vs. Terence Stansbury in COLLEGE!!!!

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Stansbury had game

People dont understand the NBA is about finding the right team, and system. Many college stars have to come to the NBA and find a role. If you took 120 division star players from each team, there would not be enough NBA roster spots for all of those guy to contribute or build a team around. There are only 30 NBA teams

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I cant believe he only played

I cant believe he only played 3 seasons in the nba..

Appearing in Those Dunk Contest put him on the map..Dont be fooled by those amazing highlights..He was a great athlete with nice court vision,decent ball handler and was 6'5..But he wasnt an all star type player..

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Serious, Household name??

Dude played three years in the NBA and avg less then 10 points a game..WHY would he be a household name? He never won anything..He played like 12 years overseas though..was an athlete but wasn't a great baller.

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now coach

Stansbury is now head coach of Weert in Holland.

A friend of mine plays for the U20 team there, the told me that Stansbury still got sick hops.

Dunked a 360 at practice because a player joked that Stansbury was old and couldn't dunk anymore.

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paradigmn, Stansbury looked


Stansbury looked great in that youtube video. Too bad he didn't make it. I need to look for Stansbury NBA highlights if there are any (apart from dunk contests).

MJ was awesome, but that UNC team was loaded. Jordan, Kenny Smith, Sam Perkins, and Brad Daugherty.

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