Ten Years from Now

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Ten Years from Now

Im going to name a person from the 2013 Mock Draft who is supposed to come into the league and make an immediate impact, and a player who is a project from various positions. I then want you to tell me where you think their game will be, and what stats (roughly) they will be putting up in ten years time.

PG: Trey Burke vs Shane Larkin

SF: Otto Porter vs Dario Saric

C: Nerlens Noel vs Steven Adams

Just thought it would be interesting to see peoples thoughts

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Burke reminds me

Burke reminds me of a smaller ray felton and will have a similar impact years from now. Porter will be what Caron Butler is now, very valuable. Noel's offense will come along, and he will be KG-like (of the last two or three years.) Adams has a chance to be a bynum but the floor of a kaman. Im really high on him, but its up to him because the talent and upside is there. Larkin MIGHT be in the league (solid prospect, little long term potential). Saric? Havent seen enough to have an opinion...

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Trey Burke will be a solid pg a good comparison i have right now is playing a role that Jameer Nelson is playing.
Shane Larkin in my eyes he will not be a starter in this league and will be a career back up with stints at the starting position. Hopefully his shooting becomes more consistent and he could be a Nate Robinson/ John Lucas instant offense type pg of the bench.

Advantage Burke

I love the Caron Butler comparison TDS but i think Otto needs to refine his offensive game and his shooting needs more work.
Dario is a great prospect he has a lot of things he does good nothing great. In 10 years (this might be a stretch) i see him doing what Ak47 has down. Help in all aspects of the game.

Advantage Porter

Noel is a great defensive prospect but to even come close to KG is a big reach. I see him as a Marcus Camby hopefully minus the injuries. He has great defensive instincts.
Adams is a underrated prospect in my eyes and depending on what team drafts him is future can change. If he goes to a San Antonio i see great things and would compare him to Chris Kaman but more athletic.

Advantage Noel

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burke, porter, noel...the

burke, porter, noel...the other guys i dont even see playing in the L in 10 years...maybe Saric i guess

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