Up tempo Indiana?

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Up tempo Indiana?

I can't remember who, but during game 3 against the Wizards there was a mention of how the Pacers look good when they push the ball in transition.

I was wondering what you think they would be like with George or Stephenson being able to play a more up tempo offence and steer away from playing in that brutal half-court that they do?

Is it something they could take a look at in the off-season, obviously with guys like Hibbert and West they are limited, but that doesn't mean that the guard and wings can't push the ball. When they play good D they obviously force quite a few misses and that is generally the best time to turn and attack in transition.

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I think it is something to consider. Push the ball with the young guys and if they have something go for it. If not wait for the big guys to get back. They struggle in half court sets and they don't have a pure pg so it would maybe keep them from being as stagnant and predictable on offense.

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I'd like to see them get out

I'd like to see them get out in transition more when there's an opportunity. If there's no opportunity, then slow it down and play inside/outside basketball.

Right now the Pacers play way too slow and PG24/Lance don't get enough easy baskets.

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