Tell me what you think of this mock draft.

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Tell me what you think of this mock draft.

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I actually really like that a lot, each pick makes some sense but the clippers at 3 would have to find someone to take a very expensive (and injury prone) baron davis and jordan hill to the t-wolves at 5 is questionable because they have al jefferson and took love in the lottery last year but its possible. Other than that i think every other pick seems pretty good
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Nice job but Minnesota does

Nice job but Minnesota does not need any depth at the power forward position. The could use another legit Center for defensive purposes. I like your pick of a point guard for LAC but I do not believe it will be Jennings unless they change their coach. Harden would do well in toronto and also I could see Golden State taking Earl Clark if they are keeping the pick and not Derozan they are too deep at the 2 and 3 spots. They could possibly draft Jenning because of his playmaking ability and he does resember Davis minus the weight and strength.

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Why would Minnesota take Hill

I seriously doubt that Minny would take Jordan Hill, they need wing players, a PG and a bonafide C. You'd be better off letting them take maybe Earl Clark and having Jordan Hill go to Memphis

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