teams with young talent for a bright future

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teams with young talent for a bright future

top ones off the top of my head are the Thunder and Kings. The kings will soon be out of the lottery and durant and westbrook and their other players are going to be better than the 8th seed in the west next year but the other team in 3 to 4 years that could make some noise in the east are the detroit pistons. they have some young talent that they have been able to draft in the past years like Austin Daye, Jonas Jerebko, Greg Monroe, Rodney Stuckey, DuJuan Summers,Terrico White. All these players are young and talented. I reallly think Daye have some of the best potential because he reminds me of a poor mans durant with his type of body type

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thunder no doubt!!

thunder have a solid roster with a bunch of dudes under 25!! they are looking like the sqaud of the future but the lakers have some young good looking guys too from bynum to the 2 rookies, ebanks and caracter

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iceman21 Detroit....

Detroit is a mess.... they have many bad contracts (Charlie V./Ben Gordon/Rip Hamilton/) that will do not expire for 4-5 years. Detroit has as bad a cap problem as any team in the league which equals lottery.

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The Wizards have a lot of young talent and have a very bright future. They have future superstar John Wall, Javale McGee, Andray Blatche, Al Thornton, Nick Young, Yi Jianlian, Trevor Booker, and Kevin Seraphin. Those players are all 26 or younger. I think this team can surprise people this year and can grab a low playoff seed, or they can land in the lottery again and land some more young talent.

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Before the off-season, I thought the Warriors were assembling some good young talent. There was Curry, Monta, Randolph, B.Wright and a high draft pick. Then traded Randolph (who I think will explode in D'Antoni's system) and their pick injured himself.

Thunder are the best young team in the league, Sacramento joining them probably relies on how DeMarcus Cousins develops.

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another one is

minnesota. the reason why they won't be successful is because of the front office & coaching. they are kind of a joke.

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its very evident that the

its very evident that the pistons have a cap problem, but u cant forget that BG was injuied a ton last yr. charlie v was also banged up as well, but to much of lesser extent... but when Gordon was healthy, which was rare, the guy was really good, and i really hope charlie can pick up his play for good... but yeah, overall, detroit is def. in a rebuilding process, but i wouldnt call them a mess, but they have a good future with the young talent in place.

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They are a point guard away

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