Teams who will tank this season

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Teams who will tank this season

i thought about what teams might be willing to tank the season this year. it is an attractive option because the draft seems to be great and the season is short.

first minnesota would be candidate to tank but they wont cause they dont have their own pick this year.

i definatly see cleveland tanking the season. irving is good but they need some more talent on that team. irving, thompson and a guy like anthony davis or andre drummond sounds like a good core again.

toronto should definatly do it. bargnani isn´t the answer as your francise player and derozan is good but not francise player good. they need more talent!

sacramento and washington don´t really need to tank in my opinon. if they get in the 8-10 range and get maybe kidd-gilchrist they will be fine.

the bobcats are the team i am most sure about on this list. they don´t have francise talent and could get it in this draft. develop kemba and bismack and get yourself a high draft pick!

kind of a slepper on this list: the suns! they sould decide to rebuild and trade nash. this draft seems to be ideal to get your future set and if the suns are clever they will try to do just that...

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"i thought about what teams

"i thought about what teams might be willing to tank the season this year."

Nobody does that... except Don Nelson.

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I wish the Sixers would tank this year

That team is one Power Foward away from having a very explosive young core...

The Suns would to have trade away Nash, Hill and Pietrus to become a Tank worthy contender, they almost gave away Pietrus and lost Hill to free agency but they circled the wagons and look solid this year...

How strange will this sound, but the Lakers look like a Tank worthy contender, Kobe is getting older, Gasol may want out, Bynum could again fall to injury and they have no depth and No Pg...Looks like a year Kobe shuts it down early and watches the Team fly up the draft boards...They need a lot of youth in La La Land...

The Hawks are also a Team I could see tank hard, and if they trade Josh Smith at some point they'll take a step back...they look like they could use a Sf/Pf or C(depending on where Horford fits in their plans)

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Let's just make this clear

Let's just make this clear there is a difference in tanking a season and just being a bad team. Most of the teams you listed are just bad teams

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The Lakers are not tanking.

The Lakers are not tanking. Championship or bust. Get that shit outta here.

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The Bobcats do not need to

The Bobcats do not need to tank in order to get a top-five pick. Their top scorer is Corey Maggette, who is not a first (or likely even second) option on any other team in the entire league at this point in his career. Besides, the team with the worst record in the league still only has a 25% chance of getting the top pick. Tanking simply isn't as realistic in practicality in the NBA as it is in NFL or MLB because of the weighted lottery system, opposed to the worst team getting the first pick.

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I agree with Scottoant.. The

I agree with Scottoant.. The teams you mentioned are terrible teams anyway,that lack talent and have a history of losing..If any teams tank it might be Houston,New Orleans,Utah or Denver..All of those teams have good players and most of their starting positions are filled...But they all need that franchise type player that they can build around and add to the pieces they already have...

But no team start tanking at the start of the season,they usually dont do that until around the 60th game of the season,thats when key players get mysterious injuries and are out for the year...

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