Teams open for business

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Teams open for business

Apparently the Pacers, Pelicans and Thunder are very active right now, very happy the Pacers have been mentioned in this.

Apparently PG13 is off limits, meaning Turner may be had for the right price.

Would Turner, GR3, Ellis/Stuckey ($ wise) and Pacers 1st rounder (Maybe 2019 pick as well) for Demarcus Cousins be good for both teams?

Indiana Pacers: Pretty self explanatory here really, a trio of George, Cousins and Teague could be a very dangerous team in the East for everyone including the Cavs. It'd also keep George happy and likely to stay on with Indiana, the risk is does Cousins re-sign in Indiana.

Roster: Teague, Miles, George, Young, Cousins - Jefferson, Stuckey/Ellis, Seraphin, Brooks

Sacramento Kings: Now they may not feel that it is worth what Indiana has to offer, but I really think they are in need of a rebuild and Cousins could walk for nothing in another season. Turner is really showing that he could be something special in 2-3 years of seasoning and a corner stone for Sacramento, they would likely be looking at another high lottery pick to pair with him as well.
GR3 is showing potential as 3-D player and again could be a nice niche player in a year or 2 at SG or SF. Ellis or Stuckey is clearly for matching up contracts and they would be off the books in 2 years.

2017/18 Roster: PG. Lottery Pick SG. McLemore SF. Robinson PF. WCS C. Turner - Just a really good opportunity to build a young team into something around that high pick and Turner.

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I feel this is a very good

I feel this is a very good deal for both teams barring Cousins resigns with Indiana -- I would say that keeping Turner would be the best case for the Pacers if George was a couple of years younger and their window of opportunity with him in his prime wasn't as limited, but Boogie is the better player right now and gives them a better chance to do some damage in the East right now. And I think we all believe a relocating for DMC would probably be best for him for awhile, and giving him another of the league's top talents will hopefully keep him happy. And for the Kings, Turner is a nice young player and someone I believe can be a near franchise-type player, giving them a fresh start post-Boogie era. A player I believe will be a 20/10/3blk guy for a good portion of his career and be a cornerstone of the Kings in the future if this happened.

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Interesting deal, a lot would

Interesting deal, a lot would depend on how Sac-Town viewed Turner against the value of a potential high draft pick if other suitors wished to get involved. The logic of this trade is excellent, East to West so it takes DMC to another market and not to a Sac-Town competitor. DMC would want to be on a relevant team and pairing him with PG13 makes the Pacers a likely top 4 team out East.

PG13 and DMC are both 26 years old so they can run in tandem for a number of years plus would the strong Pacers organization Walsh-Bird-Pritchard-McMillan etc be the guys to really harness the ability of DMC.

I'd guess Sac-Town would ask for a 2017 and 2019 first rounder too, the Pacers picks should be in 20-30 range so the Pacers would probably be prepared to give that up.

Sac-Town would look to rebuild around Turner, keep their 2017 first rounder and add a good piece and another in 2018 before their 2019 first rounder goes to Philly.

Sac-Town might have a fire sale if Gay opts out this summer, Afflalo would be on the highest remaining deal and his only runs until 2018 and is thew sort of player a contender might take a rental on if they had cap space.

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You point about age is

You point about age is exactly why I think this trade is good for the teams, especially Indiana. The thing I have noticed with Indiana is they usually have a star player on the roster and an upcoming one as well, the problem is they never hit their prime at same time and we generally get stuck in the middle.

Miller started to decline as O'Neal got good, then O'Neal dropped off when Granger came on, Granger's injuries took-over when George showed signs and George/Turner are 6 years apart as well. (Seriously look at the numbers it is uncanny the years the old star vanished and new one climbed)
Granted there was Artest, Jackson(s) etc. but they were never on the level of the Millers or O'Neal's.

I really think Indiana needs to try something like this, or seriously consider going young and build a team that can reach it's prime at the same time.
That ECF finals team was good, but Indiana was heavily relying on a couple of 22/23 year old's in PG13 and Stephenson I dream of an Indiana with 2 stars in their prime, something we haven't really seen them have.

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The Lakers need to move Lou

The Lakers need to move Lou Williams like yesterday. What they get in return for him doesn't really matter at this point.

Unfortunately Luke has fallen into the trap set for seemingly all Laker coaches of chasing pointless wins, instead of doing what he says to the media which is "emphasizing development". That isn't happening.

moving Lou Williams will force Waltons hand so they can see what they finally have with Russell. He's ranked 10th.... 10th!!! in 4th quarter minutes on his team for the year.

Most certainly there is something going on behind the scenes that we as fans aren't privy to, because Russell has the shortest leash of any lottery pick not named Anthony Bennett that I have seen in awhile.

This isn't to say that Russell deserves the minutes necessarily. But almost 2 years into his career he hasn't been afforded the luxury of playing through mistakes like most of his peers. And we don't know yet whether he will be just an average starter or something more. At this point we should have a better grasp of that whether it's one way or the other.

Ingram on the other hand has been given the opposite. By all accounts he has had a pretty horrible year but receives the most minutes on the team. This leads me to believe that the issues with Russell are not basketball related. And it still doesn't change my stance. Play him and let him play through the mistakes so the Lakers know if he will be a contributor in the future, or if he needs to be moved.

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Is reportedly open for business!! Looking to shop Drummond or Jackson!

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Where did you see that? Jackson has to be traded in the worst way - terrible fit on this team. I don't want Drummond traded, I still hold out hope for his improvement in the low post and at FT line. KCP can go too, even though I like him. He'll be too much money in the off season.

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