Teams That Need to Turn it Over to Their Youth

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Teams That Need to Turn it Over to Their Youth

Here are a few teams, that have some vets, that need to go ahead and start over.. Trade the aging vets to some good teams so that they can compete for a ring before they retire and start making those young players studs...

- Wizards: This one is kind of easy.. It has pretty much already started.. Arenas is almost impossible to move. They let Miller go.. They should dump Kirk.. Their team should consist of nothing but young players that have extreme potential..

Their top 7 should be:
PG: Wall
SG: Young
SF: Thornton
PF: Blatche
C: McGee
6th: Yi
7th: Martin

- Pistons: Not as clear as the first and a few more players need to be dropped but come on, this team isnt competing right now.. Let the older guys have a chance and let the younger guys learn on the job.. Get rid of Hamilton, Prince, and Gordon to get some young pieces.. This team should have a main rotation that goes something similar to this: (players would have to be added after trades of Hamilton, ect)

Top 6 with current youngs:
G: Stucky
G: White
F: Daye
F: Jerebko
F: Monroe
F: Summers

- Clippers: They have the talent to win right now and they have made a couple moves that makes me think that they want to keep winning while they make their young players good.. They should try to see what Baron and Kaman are worth on the market.. See if they can get a promising young center to complement Blake.. Other than that, this team is dominate by young players.

Their top 7 without Baron/Kaman

G: Bledsoe
G: Gordon
G: Warren
F: Aminu
F: Griffin
C: Jordan
F: Smith

Others that need to move on and stop trying to compete this coming year.

Any other teams that just need to forget about being competitive for the next couple years so that they can get some young guys to develop?

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good post.. phoenix is a team

good post..
phoenix is a team that needs to go young.they should see what nash is worth and try rebuilding..didnt he say a few years ago he didnt want to be part of a rebuilding? with amare gone thats just what they'll be goin into..

washington is in a rebuilding mode..they need to decide what they're goin to do with arenas before training camp..but besides wall..i dont like any of their young players..mcgee,thornton,young & blatche they're all too inconsisent.blatche looks like a future allstar..but he has attitude problems..

no one can predict whats in the mind's of gm's these days..
atlanta overpaid for joe johnson..he's an all star but not a franchise player..
milwaukee overpaid for drew gooden..
there have been alot of mindblowing free agency signing so far..
i read somewhere that the knicks are thinking about bringing zeke back..

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