Teams with Multiple Position Needs

Los Angeles Lakers

Positions: SF, PG

Why? The Lakers attempted to address their need by drafting Darius Morris in the 2nd round but the short-lived experiment has pretty much came up unsuccessful. I'll admit I havent gotten a chance to see Morris play this year (its pretty hard since those occasions are rare) but his stats don't seem terrible despite the lack of minutes hes gotten (52% fg, 60% 3pt shooting)...However, the fact that he hasnt been able to beat out steve blake and derek fisher shows the amount of faith Mike Brown has in him... It boggles the mind why Mitch Kupchak hasn't attempted to bring in Ramon Sessions.

As far as the small forward position is concerned, Metta World Peace has been dreadful this year and Devin Ebanks hasn't been much better. The Lakers should end up drafting in the mid-late teens this year and there should be quite a bit of value in that range for small forwards (Kris Joseph, Jeffrey Taylor, etc)


Charlotte Bobcats

Positions: PF, SF

Why? Tyrus Thomas has been a huge disappointment and DJ White is a formidable banger off the bench but definitely not a starter. Also, the Boris Diaw experience has gone on way too long and this team won't compete with him as a starter. Expect the Bobcats to take a potential franchise-changing big man in this year's draft, and depending on what pick they get, could end up with either Anthony Davis or Andre Drummond. Pairing either of them with Biyombo would give the Bobcats a beautiful defensive-minded frontcourt.

Moving on to the small forward position, Reggie Williams would be a perfect 6th man/sparkplug off the bench and Corey Maggette is the ultimate loser, having been a ball hog on losing teams his entire career. They should definitely make a play for a guy like Michael Beasley who will be a free agent this summer.


Milwaukee Bucks

Positions: SG, PF

Why? Captain Jack wants out. He doesn't fit into Scott Skiles system and his numbers have been brutally unimpressive this year (37% fg, 28% 3pt shooting). Shaun Livingston is probably playing out of position right now seeing that he's more of a point guard. Tobias Harris is probably the future at small forward for them but this team would be best suited either making a free agent splash (oj mayo, bill walker, courtney lee will all free agents) or taking a guy like Brad Beal or Terrence Ross in the draft.

Drew Gooden seems to change teams every year, Luc Richard Mbah A Moute is not a starting PF in this league, Larry Sanders has been unimpressive, and Jon Brockman is no good so their current fleet doesn't seem to have the answer within it. I think adding a guy like JJ Hickson this offseason would bode well for a mediocre Bucks franchise.


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The Bobcats have alot more

The Bobcats have alot more needs than that...

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well, you could get a good

well, you could get a good look at a t-bone by stickin your head up a bulls A$$, but wouldnt you rather take the butchers word for it?

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The Cavs pretty much have a

The Cavs pretty much have a need at the SG, SF, C positions.

SG: Anthony Parker is too old, Gibson and Sessions are too undersized. The problem can be solved by trading Sessions. Manny Harris had a good freshman season, maybe he can develop into a good backup

SF: Casspi is just not good, Gee is just too raw. This is a SF draft I'd be very happy with either Barnes or Giltchrist

C: They will have Varejao for a while, he is bad offensively, but if they can get some offensive weapons, I'm actually OK with him starting, if Erden develops he can be a good back up.

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The Cavs have absolutely no

The Cavs have absolutely no need at Center. Varejao is very good. A better backup is needed since he gets hurt often, however.

The Nets badly need a 4. The Raptors badly need a 3 and could use a 1 to groom for the future. Utah needs a 1 and could stand to upgrade at the 3 (assuming Hayward ends up a 2, with Brooks). Houston needs a 5. Hell, Miami could still really use a 5 and Rip doesn't seem to be the answer at the 2 for Chicago. Most teams have a need or 3.

Tobe Bryant
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In all honesty, the Lakers aren't a franchise that builds through drafting, nor do they play younger players. Just look at them historically, the only player to receive big minutes as far as being drafted was Devean George and you can also add Sasha Vujacic, Luke Walton, and Andrew Bynum to the mix now.

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@pulseglazer, what does kris

@pulseglazer, what does kris humphries not do well enough to secure a long-term spot at the 4 for new jersey?

stats: 13.6 ppg, 10.5 rpg, 1.2 bpg, 51% fg shooting, 73% ft shooting, 1.3 apg, 1.2 bpg

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The Magic need a SG, SF, and

The Magic need a SG, SF, and PG. the only position they have for the future is PF. If Dwight leaves, they will be drafting top 5 in the following draft...

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the wizards need a 3 and 4,

the wizards need a 3 and 4, maybe even a 2...

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for the future the suns need

for the future the suns need a pg to replace nash, a sg, sf, and a pf depending on morris's progression. thats a lot

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Sorry, the Nets need a 3,

Sorry, the Nets need a 3, typo.

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