Teams interested in Paul Pierce?

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Teams interested in Paul Pierce?

I saw the headline on Hoopshype, and it led me to this article about the Celtics possibly blowing it up and completely rebuilding. It also mentioned that several tittle contenders have called in about Pierce's avalibility.

I don't know what these teams would offer, but even if this sends Pierce to a great situation, you can be sure he won't like the idea of being traded by the Celtics. If a team like San Antonio can put together a package of Blair, Neal, Joseph, and Leanord, or just somthing with the concept of young guys with cheap contracts, the Celt's may budge, but I doubt anyone will give up their prized assets like San Antonio has.

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Why trade your best offensive

Why trade your best offensive player? Let's look into Boston future: 40m coming off cap going into big 2012 FA, two first round picks(potential lottery pick for Boston pick), Jeff Green return (probably?), return of vets for cheap, possible run at Dwight and if not cap space to bring in a lot of quality players. They are set to re-tool very nicely they just have to stick through what will be a tough year for them.

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If the celtics trade pierce

If the celtics trade pierce that would be one of the dispectful things to a player that has been through the thick and thin with this team. I seriously doubt they trade him.

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Ainge is ruthless... I

Ainge is ruthless... I believe he'd do it.

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Trade em while He still has

Trade em while He still has sum value.

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I hope they don't , I do

I hope they don't , I do think they will make a trade ,for who I don't know.

If they don't rebuild.

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