Teams that have Used their Amnesty and Teams that still Can Used Amnesty

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Teams that have Used their Amnesty and Teams that still Can Used Amnesty

I kept hearing people talking about who teams should amnesty..For example alot of people say the Knicks should use theirs on Amare Stoudemire,but that's ,becuz they have already used it on Chauncey Billups..Teams are only allowed to use their amnesty once...After the 2012 Collective Bargaining Agreement every team was given an amnesty-where they could cut 1 player and pay the remaining of his contract without having it count against the cap.....Teams can used it on players that were signed before the CBA......There is no expiration date on the amnesty...

1.Brooklyn -Travis Outlaw
2.Charlotte-Tyrus Thomas
3.Cleveland-Baron Davis
4.Dallas-Brendan Haywood
5.Denver-Chris ''Birdman''Anderson
6.Golden State-Charlie Bell
7.Houston-Luis Scola
8.Indiana-James Posey
9.LA Clippers-Ryan Gomes
10.New York-Chauncey Billups
11.Minnesota-Darko Milicic
12.Orlando-Gilbert Arenas
13.Philadelphia-Elton Brand
14.Phoenix-Josh Childress
15.Portland-Brandon Roy
16.Washington-Andray Blatche


List that have yet to use their Amnesty( And the players they can use it on)

1.Atlanta ( Al Horford)
2.Boston ( Rajon Rondo & Avery Bradley)
3.Chicago (Carlos Boozer,Joakim Noah & Luog Deng)
4.Detroit (Greg Monroe & Charlie Villanueva)
5.LA Lakers (Kobe Bryant,Pau Gasol,Metta World Peace & Steve Blake)
6.Miami (Lebron James,Dwayne Wade,Chris Bosh,Udonis Haslem & Joel Anthony)
7.Milwaukee (Drew Gooden & Larry Sanders)
8.Memphis (Zack Randolph & Mike Conley)
9.New Orleans ( No one)
10.Oklahoma City ( Kevin Durant,Kendrick Perkins,Nick Collison & Thabo Sefelosha)
11.San Antonio (Tony Parker & Matt Bonner)
12.Sacramento (DeMarcus Cousins & John Salmons)
13.Toronto (Amir Johnson & Linas Kleiza)
14.Utah (Derrick Favors)

NBA Teams Who Still Have Their Amnesty Clause and How Each Should Use It | Bleacher Report via @bleacherreport

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Only the the NY Knicks would

Only the the NY Knicks would pick up a team option on a player for 15 million then amnesty him. They could of just let the guy walk in FA but instead just gave 15 million to Billups. How do u do that knowing what u had in Amare. Even though he was coming off a great season to have that in your back pocket just in case would be nice.Had they not used that to get Chandler and let Billups walk Chris Paul would be a Knick right now

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Bleacher report is complete

Bleacher report is complete and utter garbage.

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Charlie Bell may have been

Charlie Bell may have been the worst use of amnesty ever. He was getting paid less than 3 million and they amnestied him to sign DeAndre Jordan which the Clippers matched. They should have used their's on Andreis Biedrens.

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I wish the kings would

I wish the kings would amnesty salmons. He's a complete wast of space. The trade to get John salmons back is a testament to how bad the old regime was.

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The Bleacher Report feature

The Bleacher Report feature is worthless! For half of them, they're like "Oh, well, they shouldn't really use the amnesty, but this is the only player they can use it on". It's like, what's the point of doing one for every team that has their amnesty?

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Players who should be amnesty

Detroit Charlie Villanueva
Kings John Salmons
OKC Kendrick Perkins

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Carlos Boozer

should have been amnestied a loooong time ago...

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I don't disagree that Boozer

I don't disagree that Boozer is overpaid and not living up to his contract. The problem is the Bulls would still be at the salary cap so they would not be able to just go out and sign a different PF. Gibson is a very good backup PF but he is not a 30+ min starting PF on a team competing for an NBA title.

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