Team USA - Finalists

Considering youth, health, and the European style of play the following players should at least be given some/more consideration.

Ryan Anderson (23) - RA is the perfect compliment to Team USA's stars. We've seen how he plays along side Dwight by spacing the floor. In the same way he can give our elite perimeter players room to do their thing without needing touches. The scouting report Euros would read is, don't leave him open on the perimeter and make him put it on the floor. He has good size and is a big body that is/should be capable of rebounding against other PF. The Dirks Scolas Bargnanis aren't big on boards or working on the block so he shouldn't be outmatched playing alongside a Howard.

James Harden (22) - I would swap Harden for Gordon for health purposes. Like Gordon, Harden is a rugged guard that can defend and can spark a team. His range and penetration would put another high iq playmaker on the floor. Harden has the ability to facilitate and is more of a willing passer than Gordon which will integrate him easily into the flow on offense. This should be Kobe's last ride and Harden should have some exposure or at least be on USA's radar.

Kyle Lowry (25) - The guard position is loaded and probably not a concern for team USA right now. I can't see them taking Lowry over the PGs they have now, but it would be nice to have a hardworking gritty guard around to push guys like CP3, DRose, and Dwill. Lowry is not the most player at the PG position, but when you talk about floor generals and team leaders, KL is right up there with the best. He is a win first guy, that can care less about individual numbers which is why I believe he could add to this team. I can honestly say he plays harder on a nightly basis than any other guard.

Not saying these guys will make the roster but sum interesting pieces to consider, what do you all think?

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