Team needs at least 45 wins to be in playoffs west

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Team needs at least 45 wins to be in playoffs west

Not counting lockout, the past 5 seasons has shown that teams in the west needs at least 45 wins to make it to the playoffs. Lakers need to go 30-18 the rest of the way in order to reach that number. Do you guys think its possible? Their next five games are @SAS, OKC, Cle, Milw, and Miami. Probably going to lose three of those games as well.

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I think it will be close for

I think it will be close for the Lakers. I think their luck with injuries and team chemistry might improve and they could make it close but I think they might just come up short....

For any pistons fans out there, to reach 42-40 which will be close to making it to the playoffs they have to go 29-17 for the rest of the season....Raptors and Magic would be very similar.

As the team with the worse record in the league, the Wizards need to go 37-12 !!

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Yes the Lakers will make the

Yes the Lakers will make the playoffs, but only because they're going to lose the next two games, fall 6 games under, and then Luke Walton will do his Magic and hand them an embarrassing home loss which would drop them to 15-22. At that point I expect Kobe to storm into Buss' office and demand that D'Antoni be fired. Phil will come to town, they'll squeak into the playoffs, and be shown the door by OKC, the Clippers or Spurs in round 1.

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