Team needs for Atlantic Division- my opinion but feel free to leave yours! Celtics on the clock..

The celtics have like a one year window before danny Ainge is gonna start rebuilding. Here is what I think they need to do to get back to the championship.

1. Resign Jeff green and give him a bigger role maybe even start him. He could be your next big star after the big three is done. Rondo,Green and ? could possibly be the next big three. Plus the younger legs would help Rondo's game in transition.

2.Sign and trade Big baby before he leaves and the C's get nothing in return. There is alot of team that need inside help and hopefully the Celtics can get a potential starter in return

3. Target a couple free agent who want to win but also want to start at there position. I think player get to comfortable when there role is quaranteed.

Target free agent list:

1. DeAndre jordan- Rondo assist ratio would go thru the roof plus he can defend, block shots and score in transition. Not to metion he is a crowd pleaser who is hella athletic

2. Reggie Williams, Micheal Redd, Shane Battier, Grant hill,- All of these players can score but I think you have to go with battier because he can defend at a high level

3. If they cant get Jordan they need to get a five who can change the possesion arrow. Every sice Big perk lgot traded the Celtics lane is wide open with ray, and pual on the wing. Garnett aint a spring chicken any more they need help in the middle bad. Dalembert might be a option but he already said he wants to go to a running team. I'm thinking NY or the heat but who knows.

4. Resign west but pick up a true veteran point guard. Rondo is a animal but he is over played and unhealthy they may need to pick up Tj ford or even Mcgrady and no he is not a true point but he has played with the ball in his hand his whole career and he is now a better decision maker than ever.

Let me know what yall think!

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I'm a Cs fan, and I am really hoping some other team offers Jeff Green a contract too exorbitant for Danny Ainge to match. I didn't have high hopes for the Jeff Green acquisition, and I still don't see what is so great about him. Glen Davis, even with his offensive struggles, is better than Green, who plays very poor defense, doesn't rebound well at all and is below average for a 3 at almost every aspect of the offensive game. Green's fg% from every location on the court was below average for an NBA player last year, and the Celtics were dramatically better when he was on the bench, just as OKC was before them (To be fair, Green wasn't the only problem with OKC's starting line-up). I wasn't against trading Perkins, who was coming off an injury, was not going to be able to change the outcome of any Celtics playoff series, and may have left in the offseason anyways, but Green wasn't a good target unless they can sign and trade him.

Signing DeAndre Jordan would certainly be a great steal, but I highly doubt LAC will let him leave. You are absolutely right that the Cs need to resign West and/or sign another pg. The Cs need to keep Rondo healthy for the playoffs. I agree that TJ Ford would be a great option and maybe Patty Mills would be a good player to sign as well if they don't get Ford.

Since the Celtics need help in the middle, I think realistically they should target Joel Pryzbilla if he is healthy and resign Glend Davis. I think Davis might be a bit overrated to be honest, as he is not a good offensive player and a liabity at that end when his shot is off, which it typically was last year, when he shot one of the lowest percentages in the NBA on long twos. He is a great defender at either big man position, though, and the Cs may not be able to afford to lose him. Jeff Green is the better option for the Cs to sign and trade.

I agree that the Cs need to sign a veteran wing. I like Mike Dunleavy, but any of the players listed by gmforhire would be decent as well. Marquis Daniels may also be an option, but I don't know if he is healthy enough to take a chance on again. That spinal injury was scary, and apparently is Daniels is susceptible to that happening. The Celtics do need offensive help, though, as they were a bad offensive team, so I would prefer Dunleavy, Redd, McGrady, and Williams to Battier or Daniels.

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