Teague signed to an offer sheet

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Teague signed to an offer sheet

it doesnt appear to be a sign and trade and just a flat out signing of the bucks and the hawks have 3 days to match. interesting to see if atlanta would either bring him back or decided to sign either jennings or ellis. personally, i'd like it for milwaukee if they end up getting him.

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I hope if the Hawks are that

I hope if the Hawks are that dedicated to one of the two that they sign Ellis so Schroder will have a real future with the team

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Great move by the bucks. If

Great move by the bucks. If Atlanta doesn't match, he is an instant upgrade over Jennings at the point (if he leaves). He might not be as flashy but he is a more efficient scorer and more willing distributor. Now they just need to find some perimeter scorers as apart from Teague and Ilyasova, they look a bit thin at the moment.

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well, they also have OJ Mayo.

well, they also have OJ Mayo. what im more curious about is if they intend on starting gianis which i think would be too raw. the only other SF they have is Carlos Delfiino but i expect him to have Dunleavy's role as scorer off the bench.

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Where would this put

Where would this put Milwaukee in the L-eastern Conference?
Ilyasova-Henson-Gooden's corpse
More moves might be made but this looks like another typical 7-10 seed team for the Bucks.. I do like decisions to add some young talent and move away from Jennings and Redick and Ellis to not want to be in Milwaukee, Looks like another mediocre team without a chance at a top 5 pick..

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If Hensen and Giannis can

If Hensen and Giannis can live up to their potential the Bucks can be very good in a couple years. Should be a fun team to watch next season with all of those young players. I'm actually liking what they are doing with their roster.

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I am liking their team, they

I am liking their team, they have some good young players and no stupid contracts.

They COULD POTENTIALLY finish 5th-7th in the east and upset someone in the first round of the playoffs. Its a big could, but who knows what can happen. eg. Westbrook getting injured in the playoffs last season...

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That's a manageable contract.

That's a manageable contract. I don't see why the Hawks wouldn't match then try to deal him later when Schroeder's ready to take over.

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Hawks will match.. Unless

Hawks will match.. Unless they sign Ellis and him and Lou Will start in the backcourt

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The Bucks are doing what the

The Bucks are doing what the Bucks always do. Putting together a team headlined with borderline all star players with reasonable contracts, unrealized potential and good depth to continue competing for playoff appearances. Personally I thought they were a very competitive team early last year obviously they fell off towards the end of the season but by having Teague and Mayo essentially replace Jennings and Ellis they have a much more rounded and structured offence. Mayo can play off the ball much better then Ellis and therefore score more efficiently within the teams offence, and Teague can distribute the ball and will take better shots then Jennings in my opinion. Add in the growth of guys like Ilyasova, Henson, Sanders, and Udoh and I think they should be a solid road seed capable of stealing a playoff series. Im not quite sold on Brooklyn yet they seem to just be adding high profile players and throwing them out on the court similar to LA last year. To me Miami, Indiana, and Chicago seem to be the top 3 teams and 4 to 10 is pretty much up in the air.

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Does it really matter? Both

Does it really matter? Both these teams are going nowhere fast. Either way best case scenario for both teams is getting knocked out of the first round in a sweep.

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Btw, any word about Giannis?

Btw, any word about Giannis? I thought he'd be playing in Spain, at least for this season.

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