Teague Embarassing Hibbert

Teague Embarassing Hibbert

After 7 scoreless/reboundless minutes to start the game (Pacers -10), Vogels finally put Roy Hibbert back in the lineup in the 3rd quarter.

First 2 plays Jeff Teague creates a tornado around him with the sweetest spin-move of the playoffs, and then comes right back at him and hits a floater right in his mug. Classic!

Roy Hibbert....I thought you were the best rim defender in the league?

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Teague cant embarass Hibbert

Teague cant embarass Hibbert any more than Hibbert is embarassing himself. Get it together big guy!

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Hibbert is embarassing

Hibbert is embarassing Hibbert.

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Teague the truth been saying

Teague the truth been saying it

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Hibbert is really slow, and

Hibbert is really slow, and seems to have bad conditioning. 10 ppg and 6.6 boards with 44% shooting aren't gonna cut it at 7'2, especially when you're even worse than that in the playoffs.

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2 Rebounds for Hibbert

2 Rebounds for Hibbert. Maybe he's turning it around.....

Paul George needs to be a superhero tonight to keep the Pacers season alive.

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Good game. Playoffs?!

Paul George is super nice, but it is now funny how he was annoited the hands down 3rd best player in the NBA at the start and throughout most of the season...and now this is happening. Like I said, he is nice, but w/o his jump shot falling and/or the Pacers having an unusual uptempo game (i.e. fastbreak) he is just not developed enough as a playmaker in the half court. But I do like his talent, this is why NBA playoffs are the best. So much talent on every team, and it's the one time of year where every team plays hard every minute of every single game. Just awesome.

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To be fair he isn't the 3rd

To be fair he isn't the 3rd best player, but he has put the Pacers on his back for the most part of this season. Tonight he was +18 tonight and was the main reason the Pacers lost the lead as he picked up his 4th foul.

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