Teague at 10? dumb

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Teague at 10? dumb

That just seems to high for him... He played well at the start of the year but he was kind of exposed later on. When he had it going WF was very good.... maybe he's not such a bad pick. I kind of question his playmaking ability.

Bucks should trade down and grab him.

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When Teague played the point

When Teague played the point Wake Forest made it to #1 in the rankings. When the other PG got healthy and came back, puching Teague to the 2 is when they died. He is a legit PG. He has good size too. He could very well be the steal of this draft if he falls out of the lottery.

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I only wish

I hope he falls to Atlanta

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Better than having Teague

Better than having Teague fall to Atlanta, we should work a trade with Milwaukee. That way, they draft Flynn for us and we draft Teague for them. I know there would be some fine details to work out but both parties get what they want/need.

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i agree

i agree

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That would be pretty stupid why not just trade down. Something like #10 Michael Redd for Stack, Carroll, WIlliams, and #22. Then Mavs draft Jonny Flynn and Bucks take Teague if he's still available.

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Teague is not a bad pick at

Teague is not a bad pick at 10, he is just a little inconsistent but he could be an all star someday. He is great scorer and has a lot of potential.

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The Bucks will need to make

The Bucks will need to make a deal to take Teague. Maybe trading to get 2 1st round picks ( deal with Chicago)

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