TCU's Kyan Anderson is Underrated

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TCU's Kyan Anderson is Underrated

It would seem that being top ten in several categories in college basketball's best league would warrant some respect from the rankings and mock draft gods but for Kyan Anderson that respect is still to come. Kyan is having a break out year averaging 23.3 points and 6-assists in his last five games and doing that against the likes of Andrew Wiggins and Melvin Edjim. When Edjim scored 48 on TCU it smothered the 29 point barrage from Kyan. With the injuries and waiting rule hindering TCU's talent pool, Kyan has had to carry the load ranked 2nd in the big 12 in MPPG. There aren’t too many point guards who can put up those numbers against NBA caliber talent on a consistent basis and not be NBA talent them selves. That said look out for TCU next season as with Ziegler and Washburn coming Kyan will increase his average and assist near double-double numbers and all the draft think tanks and ranking specialist will have to take notice, the kid can play!

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