Tayshaun Prince & Coach Kuester get into Tussle

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Tayshaun Prince & Coach Kuester get into Tussle

Seems like things are going from Bad to Worse for the Dysfunctional Detroit Pistons..Tayshaun Prince and Pistons coach John Keuster got into a heated confrontation during the game,a situation that was very similar to the fallout they had last season..The sh!t started when Prince allowed 3 consecutive baskets by the Warriors..Coach Keuster called a timeout and barked at Prince..Prince turned and started yelling back..As the 2 kept exchanging words back & forth..As Kuester was drawing up a play ,Prince tossed a towel down by Kuester's feet..After the timeout Kuester walked toward Prince yelling at him..They had to be separated by assistant coach Darrell Walker..Kuester questioned the team's leadership qualities,Prince responded by saying his coach was right..But at the same time he have things he needs to correct about himself..It goes both ways..This is the 2nd time Kuester had gotten into a disagreement with a player.Earlier this season Rodney Stuckey was benched for 1 game after ignoring Kuester...

Just a few years ago they were the model franchise..In 2004 they were the League Champs..Dumars put together a bunch of castoffs and misfits from other teams..That came together as a team and beat the heavily favored Lakers..The Pistons decline started with the trading of All-Star guard Chauncey Billups who some say was the heart and soul of the team..

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i hate kuester, hes a lousy

i hate kuester, hes a lousy coach...prince is a quality veteran who (along with hamilton) are probably getting sick of the whole routine in Detorit

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I think they need to call up

I think they need to call up Bill Laimbeer.

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Kuester better watch out

Kuester better watch out Tayshaun will wrap 1 of his lanky ass arms around his neck

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Need to trade him and hamilton

WTF is Dumars doing? Those guys don't fit on that team anymore. Just start over with the new guys and get them out of there. It is pointless to keep them there. It's just gonna get worst.

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Kuester would win that fight

Kuester would win that fight

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I feel bad for Rip and Prince

I feel bad for Rip and Prince in that they are proven vets who have won a championship yet they are stuck on this lousy team. I hope Dumars moves them soon to good teams.

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Coach Kuester could easily

Coach Kuester could easily lose the locker room as Tayshaun Prince is one of the team's senior players and maybe it needs Rip Hamilton or Big Ben to step in an try an smooth things over. Or maybe these three who played on the Championship team could almost turn the roster against the coach, along with T-Mac they are the team's veterans and could possibly pull most of the younger players there way.

Also after the bust up with Stuckley, Coach Kuester has had issues with two of his starting 5, throw in a 4-7 record this year coupled with 27-55 last year and he is clearly under pressure.

Tayshaun could well demand a trade now and competing teams will no doubt be putting offers Joe Dumars way if they think he might be on the block especially with his nice expiring deal next summer. Coach Kuester could also decide to banish Prince from the line up or demand that Joe Dumars trades him.

Also the pressure is building on Joe Dumars who did a great job putting a Championship winning team together but since trading Billups, signing Ben Gordon, Charlie V with all the AI cap space has been in charge of a struggling franchise. But Dumars was a legend as a player on the team and had success as Team President so the owners may well be loathe to consider removing him.

I would guess that Prince will either be traded or Coach Kuester could be on his way unless results improve fairly soon. Bill Laimbeer would be a good choice to take over as he was a former playing colleague of Joe Dumars and could surely help to develop the team's young bigs or maybe they make him one of the assistants and bring in a proven NBA coach instead. Appointing Bill would be a bould move after taking on John Kuester who had no previous NBA Head Coaching experience but it might be a sound move for Joe Dumars as Bill would be very popular with the fans and this would buy Joe sometime to try and sort the roster out.

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I think the decline of the

I think the decline of the Pistons actually started with firing coaches who led them deep into the playoffs.

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It's bad enough when players

It's bad enough when players are at eachothers throat, but if you can't even respect your coach then one of you needs to go, and I think that should be Kuester. Prince is a seasoned veteran and a champion. Sitting Stuckey out for ignoring you is a silly move, Kuester is putting the franchise aside for his personal feelings.

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