TaylorCondrin Mock Draft 2.0 WITH COMMENTS

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TaylorCondrin Mock Draft 2.0 WITH COMMENTS

1) NO - Anthony Davis

Easy pick, he's a starter from day 1, he might be the only known pick in the draft at this point

2) CHA - Bradley Beal

I think this pick could easily be moved but for the time being, Charlotte needs offense and although Kidd-Gilchrist and Robinson are both great players, Beal helps them score from the get go

3) WAS - Michael Kidd-Gilchrist

Another squad that could go in a bunch of different directions, I think small forward is a big need for them and MKG can help a ton early on

4) CLE - Harrison Barnes

Cleveland needs wings of the future. Barnes could easily take one of those slots.

5) SAC - Thomas Robinson

Rumor is that the Kings want a "sure thing". Well, here ya go.

6) POR - Andre Drummond

I know Blazers fans see this and think Sam Bowie and Greg Oden but Drummond is the best big man left on the board and aside from Aldridge, Portland lacks quality bigs

7) GS - Jared Sullinger

This pick could very easily be moved too... The Warriors have a nice core of Curry, Thompson, Lee and Bogut and they really need a small forward but theres none available at this pick. For now, Sullinger is the pick because he provides depth in the frontcourtt which is always a luxury

8) TOR - Dion Waiters

The Raptors denied that they were the team that "promised" Waiters a spot in the lottery... However, I don't buy it. Waiters can provide the Raptors with offense whether it be in the starting lineup or off the pine

9) DET - John Henson

Long and capable of blocking shots, I feel like he's the perfect fit next to Monroe

10) NO - Damian Lillard

Didn't think I'd ever hear myself saying this but Lillard may not last until pick 10...If he does, New Orleans should grab him.

11) POR - Jeremy Lamb

Lamb, as we know now, knows nothing about Portland but that could soon change. Odds are, Crawford leaves town this summer and Lamb is definitely a talented guy and a steal at 11

12) MIL - Perry Jones

The Bucks don't have a lot of long wings and Jones would be able to provide just that. Length + a versatile game.

13) PHO - Austin Rivers

The Suns need some backcourt scoring especially with the potential departure of Nash. Rivers fits in perfectly.

14) HOU - Meyers Leonard

Leonard looked great at the combine and Houston needs a center of the future. Potentially, this relationship could be beautiful.

15) PHI - Terrence Ross

The 6ers were a great defensive team but struggled to get points on the board. Ross can shoot and create his own shot.

16) HOU - Kendall Marshall

More than likely, Kyle Lowry will not be on the roster next year. Assuming Dragic wins the starting role, Marshall can make for a nice backup 1.

17) DAL - Terrence Jones

Aside from Dirk, the Mavs don't have a ton of forwards who can put the ball in the bucket. Jones could definitely get minutes on this team next year

18) MIN - Doron Lamb

Lamb played well all year and is a relatively undervalued player due to the smoothness of his game, Minny needs a 2 guard badly. Wes Johnson and Martell Webster are no solutions.

19) ORL - Fab Melo

The Magic have no depth at the 5 position. If Melo were smart he'd pick Howard's brain every second until the all-star gets moved

20) DEN - Marquis Teague

Andre Miller will probably bounce in free agency. Denver needs a backup point. There, problem solved.

21) BOS - Andrew Nicholson

Size is nice to have. Boston didn't have a lot of it in the playoffs this year but people are forgetting that O'Neal, Wilcox and Green were all injured. Nicholson being added to the mix brings them even more depth for the future.

22) BOS - John Jenkins

Ray Allen is gone. We all know it. Jenkins is the polar opposite of Bradley, Boston needs a solid pure shooter in the backcourt to help ease the loss of the 1st ballet hall of famer.

23) ATL - Arnett Moultrie

Ivan Johnson and Zaza Pachulia are nice backups but Moultrie is far more gifted offensively. Atlanta will jump with joy that he falls this far.

24) CLE - Tyler Zeller

Cleveland's backup centers last year sucked. Zeller could even challenge Varejao for the starting gig. His descent to the 20's makes Cavs fans happy.

25) MEM - Evan Fournier

I expect the Grizz to make some moves this offseason, and OJ Mayo could be on the chopping block. Fournier is a pure shooting guard who can come off the bench and stretch the floor.

26) IND - Royce White

Hansbrough and Amundson are a little underwhelming. White is a unique prospect who can come in to spell both Granger and West and make plays.

27) MIA - Festus Ezeli

Finally a space-eater the Heat so desperately need. He's raw and wont provide much O but with his big frame and ability to alter shots, he should compete for minutes right away.

28) OKC - Moe Harkless

OKC doesn't have a backup small forward. Harkless may not see the court for a while but he has potenial to be a valuable member of the team.

29) CHI - Jared Cunningham

Cunningham measured well at the combine and the Bulls have reportedly interested in a player that can play both guard positions. Tyshawn Taylor was also considered here.

30) GS - Jeffrey Taylor

Taylor is a defensive-mindset super athlete that can really shoot it. I think he's severely underrated and should make the Warriors happy.

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love Zeller falling to the

love Zeller falling to the Cavs at 24.

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at 7 doesnt seem to be what the warriors are looking for.

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Not bad, but if Moultrie is

Not bad, but if Moultrie is on the board I think the Celtics take him over Nicholson and Jenkins, and I think the Cs would also take a long look at Quincy Miller with one of their first round picks.

Harkless is apparently leaping up big-boards, so hard to see him falling to OKC, and as far as Beal being taken second overall, I think Charlotte will avoid a 2-guard given that they already have Henderson. The gap between Barnes and Beal isn't large, and Barnes fills a team need at SF more than Beal at SG.

I could see Portland taking Rivers before Lamb also, Rivers has a better chance of playing PG with his more refined handle, and Portland would like a "backcourt star", which screams a combo guard like Rivers over a pure 2 in Lamb.

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good list...I dont have Beal

good list...I dont have Beal that high or Sully, but you never know, especially in this draft. one guy right now that I am trying to find a place for in my mock that I think will slip out of the lottery is Jeremy Lamb. He looks like a good fit in Portland but I think they would go with Ross or Zeller before him.

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It's a good mock. A few

It's a good mock. A few things in my opinion. I can't see Drummind falling out of the top 5. Hard to see him past 4 to Cleveland. Bobcats need to trade that pick. I think Portland at 11 would want a Waiters or Rivers. Someone that can create offense for themselves. I do think Moultrie falls some too. I think Terrance Jones is a sure fire lotto pick with his legit PF measurements. I could see him there as high as 7.

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Two days ago I read about the

Two days ago I read about the Bulls interviewing Harrison Barnes. Is that where the number 2 pick goes and if so who's involved? Loul/Bulls Pick/1st rounder next year for T.Thomas/#2 pick? But I would really like to see Mike do this Draft thing right for once... He did good last year with Biyombo and Kemba. I think Barnes and MKG would be ideal picks to build towards the future with Kemba/Biyombo. I'm kind of torn on this one.

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I am a Blazer fan

I think curses are STUPID. Sorry for those who believe in them. Blame our medical staff, but players get hurt all over the league. Amare Stoudemire had microfracture surgery IN Phoenix, plus suffered other nagging injuries. Not sure if your Mock will happen TC (it is after all, a Mock Draft), but I would like it a lot for the Blazers if it did. Say what you will about the two UConn kids, they look like solid NBA contributors, with Drummond having the physical, athletic attributes to be a special big man.

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Decent Mock Bro...

I like quite a few of your Picks Taylor but the 1's that stood out 4 me was the 6ers and Bucks picks, I can't see Philly taking another wing... they're crowded enough as is in that area(Jrue,Lou, Iggy, Turner, Thad) ... Arnett Moultrie doesn't slide past Philly if the Bucks don't take him... PJ3 and Skiles? It could go either way with that relationship... Skiles could make him tougher and help him begin to reach his potential or at least gain some consistency or he could be the first person to break his confidence by glueing his ass to the bench.

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