Tatum vs Jackson

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Tatum vs Jackson

Tatum and Jackson are both in my opinion going to succeeds in the NBA. I think both could be all stars one day but worse case Tatum is an offensive bench scorer and Jackson a 3 and D, they are both completely different players that play same position and are the same age. They got drafted right behind each other. I'm not going to lie as a Celtics fan I really wanted Jackson at first over Tatum but have grown to like Tatum. They both had solid summer leagues. They both showed they deserved to be picked in the top 5.

Tatum has some solid offensive moves. He can score a bunch of different ways and he really is a matchup nightmare. He has an NBA ready body that will only get better. He gets compared a lot to pierce but I think he's more of a smarter melo. He's going to have to really work on his Defense but everything else is as advertised. Their are questions about his pace but that will go away after he gets a year or 2 under his belt. the advantage I think he has over Jackson is the body to play the 4. He's got a frame that most 3's don't have.

jackson is an amazing talent he's athletic plays great D he's the total opposite of Tatum right now. He's been compared to Paul George but he reminds me more of Jimmy Butler. He is going to have the chance to contribute out the gate something Tatum will have to earn. He had solid vision for his position and can just flat out play basketball. I have to be honest I follow the celtics more than any team so I can't give a totallly fair analysis of Jackson.

I wonder who who people think will be better. What type of player will they be.

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To me

Several factors can determine what type of player they will be. First and formost their current skill and physical tools. Don't expect Jackson to be a Melo type player or Lebron type of player suddenly. He's more of a Kawhi Leonard type with two way potential. While Tatum on the other hand don't expect him to suddenly be a two way player or a athletci freak. Their games today will mold them. another factor is work ethic. If one of them has that mamba mentality to get better every day it's definitely can alter his potential and be more than waht scoiuts expects him to be. Hard work beats talent definintely when a Talent refuse to work hard. ANother thing is oppurtunity. In oppurtunity there are several factors, coahc's trust, playin time and how long a team can be patient or give up on a blue chip player that striggled regularly, how long a team can invest it's time on a player full of potential. Lastly a players mind towards adversity. Will a player be sensitive or emotional on something, will an event or play would get him down, or will he be strong enough to shake it of jsut like jimmy butler did. It's hard to predict right now. If I can go with skill, I'll go with tatum, But with intagnible and work ethic and mind. I'll go with jackson

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Been saying for years - Josh

Been saying for years - Josh Jackson will become a Superstar. Tatum's individual success really depends on how stacked this Celtic team gets. If they end up in a position where they have to get Michael Porter Jr., that will only add to the log jam on the wing.

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Just don't see it with

Just don't see it with Jackson. He reminds me of Corey Brewer with a handle, or at best a homeless man's Shawn Marion. Tatum is way more NBA teady at this stage, but really needs to tighten up his handle and is also going to struggle to find monutes in a LOADED C's frontcourt.

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I Luv Josh Jackson Tatum will be good but Jackson can be special

Tatum is a poor man's Carmelo Anthony & I say that as a Compliment b/c Melo is a Hall of Fame star

I just worry that Tatum's skill set doesn't suit the modern NBA which rewards 3 points shooting or the ability to penetrate off the dribble & attack the rim

Like, Melo Tatum is not a 3pt threat. He can hit the occasional 3 but he's a guy who will go Iso dribble but that Always ends up in a fade away 12 - 18 foot Jumper & he WILL hit that Jumper

That's why I actually liked Tatum as the Best fit for the Celtics b/c they NEEDed that guy

but that was when Boston still had Bradley & did Not yet have Hayward - now that has occured I think Jackson would have been the Much better fit b/c Jackson is a phenomenal talent who can get to the Rim, he's fantastic in transition, he's a future 1st team all NBA Defensive player & something no one Ever talks about is that Jackson is an Outstanding passer & a born Leader

Tatum can slash & is good in transition but he's not at the level of Jackson in that regard & Tatum is a poor defender b/c he's not am elite athlete - he's a good athlete.

If Jackson can develop a consistent 3 pt shot & I understand that is a Big If b/c his shot mechanics are bad (but so were Anthony Davis' coming out of Kentucky). But even if he Never is a 3pt threat is Floor is Very high b/c he does Everything else

And I'm not trying to offend any Celtics fans, I'm Lakers fan I wanted Jackson over Ball & the Summer League means Nothing to me. Kris Dunn was the Star of the 2016 SL so I am VEry worried that we might look like fools for passing on Jackson also

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