Tanking to the max

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Tanking to the max

We all know the '13-'14 Sixers will go down as one of the biggest tank jobs in the NBA, but I would like to know which team has made the "best" effort to tank in NBA history by screwing up their roster to the best of their ability?

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Celtics and Spurs chasing Tim

Celtics and Spurs chasing Tim Duncan was pretty obvious.
Robinson broke his foot early on, so they put him on the shelf for the season.
The Celtics were just horrible. Antoine Walker played 36 MPG in his rookie year, and they started guys like Pervis Ellison and Eric Williams.

Oh, and Charlotte pretty much every year since Jordan's been in charge

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tanked hard to keep the rights to the draft pick which turned into Harrison Barnes.

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Celtics when they were trying

Celtics when they were trying to get Oden or Durant, Paul Pierce sat out the second half of the season for a small injury. Delonte West and a rookie Rondo were rotating the point guard spot and Al Jefferson was the number one scoring option.

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I think Celtics brass (Ainge/Doc) were one of only a few people in the universe that would have taken Durant over Oden. As a Bulls fan I am sure glad that didn't work out and glad he is in the West.

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Agreed with 'the' Chewy. The

Agreed with 'the' Chewy. The Warriors of 2011-12 were quite embarrassing. They tanked just so they could keep their top-7 protected pick.

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Golden State a couple years

Golden State a couple years ago when they started five rookies.

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As a jazz fan i have mixed emotions now on Golden States tanking

First off there is no denying that they were tanking hardcore. Why It would have been good to have the 8th pick in 2012 maybe that pick would have been enough to help the jazz make a deal to get ahead of Portland for Damien Lillard because it was obvious he wasn't sliding past them at 6. Now one year later we end up with the 21st pick from Golden State which we combined with our own to trade up and draft Trey Burke. I know he had a bad Summer League scoring and shooting wise but I thought he did other things well that makes me think he will be okay. Had GSW not tanked we don't get Trey Burke.

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Bulls tanked so hard in

Bulls tanked so hard in 98-99. They didn't even try to bring anyone other than veteran journmen in to fill out their roster. They let Kukoc score 19 a game as their first option and kept around some bit bench pieces from their 2nd dynasty run....They started Dickey Simpkins that year.

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