Talking about LaVine....what ever happen to Muhammad?

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Talking about LaVine....what ever happen to Muhammad?

I understand all the talk bout LaVine. However I haven't nothing from no passing, no outside shot, no defense Shabazz Muhammad??? Did he even play in the summer league??? I'm out here in Oaktown and I haven't his name since Dec. of last year!

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He was bound to be a bust if he didn't make great improvements. In HS, he was a beast but he played like an high energy athletic 4 man at 6'5 and he got away with it.

Went to UCLA and forced his way into a primary scoring option (Remember the last shot incident) but he never created for himself. So now look at him.

He's similar to MKG but MKG best skill is his high motor. He works hard, something that Shabazz lacks.

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#2 player in HS

At one point, Shabazz was listed as the #2 draft prospect.

Then the news about his age came out and all the other issues.

Oh how the mighty can fall.

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Lack of minutes and consistency

He get much time on the court during the season so when he eventually got in the game he played terrible he was in consistent and missing buckets but later on in the season he improved so I guess he might be applicable for a comeback but I still don't see him getting more than 20 mins during the season

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