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"Taking the contact" - Reke_DMC

I saw a comment about Jennings needing to drive to the paint more and draw more fouls, so I wrote a post on it and would like to hear you guy's opinions.

Brandon Jennings could definitely help his game and could take himself to a higher level of basketball if he started to become more aggresive at finding opportunities to drive to the basket and pick up frequent fouls. The problem with Jennings trying to draw more contact during a game is that even though this summer he added "10 pounds of muscle" and may be better toned throughout his body, he still looks as skinny and injury vulnerable as ever.

The reason why players such as Evans and Wade can drive into the lane and get fouls without paying the price (most of the time) as guards is because they are much better physical specimens in terms of muscle-bone strength. I don't see Jennings faring as well if he gets a hard foul from an aggresive big like Bynum or KG doing basically anything to stop a man from going to the basket and making a bold message to the player.

The one player I can think of off the top of my head who was a small guard and could draw fouls at an elite level was Iverson. The reason Iverson was able to get away with this was because of his toughness. However, he still did get frequentely injured from 1996-2005; Iverson had 30 serious injuries during this time-span. Think of Kevin Martin, one of the best foul drawers in the NBA. Because of constantly spraining his ankles, breaking his hand, etc., he went from "All-star / on the brink of becoming a superstar quality *scorer*," to suddenelly becoming reminiscent of a Mike Miller sharp-shooter off the bench for the Rockets.

Players in the NBA do have huge opportunities to improve on the holes in their game which could help them improve their game in the long run. On the other hand, at one point, do they have to step on the breaks a little bit to help prolong their bright and future career?

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in 7 seasons hes never played 80 games logging seasons with 61, 51, and 51 games played respectively. and has averaged 67 GP. i think hes been paying the price

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Good Post

Jennings should evolve into a better version of himself. His added muscle will help him out going to the bucket, but I agree, he doesn't need to be Allen Iverson slashing to the rim everytime. Jennings has a good tear drop runner and can spot up, those are the keys to being an effective shasher without taking un necessary contact. Look at a guy like Steve Nash, who is very tough, but due to his spot up shooting and runners he can effectively attack the bucket without taking contact and as a result, comparitively, he hasn't missed many games in his career. Jennings' game is quite a bit different than Nash, but I think he should take a page out Nash's book.

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Vince Carter

Vince Carter

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Joe Wolf you should know Rose

Joe Wolf you should know Rose has a similar problem, and is my personal #1 peeve with Rose's game: he's poor at getting to the line by his own playstyle. He's so quick, strong, athletic with such great body control, he always adjusts to the defense, whether with floaters early or double clutch layups later, instead of attacking the defenders body because he sees hes out of position and by the time he moves, Rose knows he can draw a foul. Paul Pierce make a killing by contorting his body in a way where he can get his shot off and still 'draw contact'. If Rose had even a modicum of that inclination, he'd get to the line at least 6 times.

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