Taking the back seat.

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Taking the back seat.

Earlier I read a post about how LeBron didn't make his his teammates better and how his style of play affects their production. In the post it talked about how players like Mike Beasley suffer the same fate playing with D.Wade and not being that guy. I do see that happening to him right now, where he is playing 2nd fiddle and not being comfortable in his role with the Heat. I don't think the players puttting up certain numbers would make them better performers but knowing their role and finding one within the offense rather than depending on LeBron to elevate their play. Basically they have to go out and get their own and fill the roles that their teams need (the rest of the Cleveland Cavaliers). If Mo Williams wants those dead eye 3s, direct LeBron or Shaq to give you some picks. If Jemario Moon wants spectacular dunks, go hard on the boards or on D to start the break and get going! And to my man Mike Beasley, maybe your confidence and comfort on the court takes a hit differing to D.Wade. Step it up and go harder bruh!

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