take a look at this one...

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take a look at this one...

just wanted to know what do you think with my mock. But i only did the 1st round though.

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Is it just me? Or does anyone eles think Blair looks like a pimp. I'm just say'n if a ho got otta line I think he might back hand her.

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it's good

it's really good. well thought of. the comments were pretty good as well. i like it.

in blair's pic, he really looks like one now that you said it.

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I dont think Flynn will Fall that LOW. he will be top 10.

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Great mock, one of the better I have seen. The only fault I saw was Buddinger dropping to 25 (It could happen but doubtful).

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It really is a great mock

It really is a great mock like every one else said, but a few tid bits of information too add;

You had me sold 1-5, but where I begin to disagree with you is at 6th with Minnesota. The group of guards being Flynn, Evans, Jennings, Curry, and Teague is going to be very interesting to watch play out. One of them will fall out of the top ten. I don't think it's Flynn, Jennings, or Curry. For me personally I think Tyreke Evans is being over hyped out of his ass in this draft. I don't See him being a top ten pick.

At 13,14,15:
I think 13,15 flip flop knowing that Indiana's best center on their roster is Jeff Foster and Blair is a perfect fit for Chicago. With the 14th it's for reasons I've said above, I think the pick could be James Johnson Personally.

Lastly the Jrue Holiday pick. Not that I have a problem of the spot where he is at, but for me it's just the notion of Philadelphia bringing in another point guard to start right away which I don't think Is Happening. In My mind Andre Miller is as good as gone and they didnt sign Louis Williams to a 5 year 20+ million dollar deal to have him play second fiddle to anyone. Dudes a baller and will have that starting job next year.

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