T-WOLVES Interested in Armon Johnson

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T-WOLVES Interested in Armon Johnson

Sources close to the situation say he is wanted by the Minnesota Timberwolves i think this may be a good pickup. What do you guys think?

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I like it, he can stretch the

I like it, he can stretch the floor, hes got size to play both spots... minnesota desperately needs something from the 2 spot now that Luke is taking over the point again

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The Phoenix Suns have been

The Phoenix Suns have been one of the league’s most successful franchises over the past decade led by two-time Most Valuable Player and All-Star guard Steve Nash, but will head into training for this season without the veteran floor general calling the shots.

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Last season Mavericks head

Last season Mavericks head coach Rick Carlisle had to throw a radically new team together in a lock-out shortened training camp. He sees this year’s camp, which is lengthened due to a series of preseason games in Europe, as a potential advantage.

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Bynum May Be Sidelined

Bynum May Be Sidelined Several Weeks: When the Philadelphia 76ers acquired Andrew Bynum, they knew they were getting one of the best centers in the league. They also knew they were getting a 24-year-old who has a history of serious injuries that have kept him sidelined for long stretches. Before Bynum could play a single game with the Sixers, he was forced to sit out due to a bone bruise in his right knee. Now, Bynum has underwent Synvisc-One injections in both of his knees.bsfg

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Perkins Says Harden Deal

Perkins Says Harden Deal Close: Kendrick Perkins’ official title with the Oklahoma City Thunder is starting center and his job description is primarily doing the dirty work inside the paint while single covering the best big men in the game. In a recent interview with Darnell Mayberry of The Oklahoman, though, Perkins dropped some details on a potential extension for James Harden, the reigning Sixth Man of the Year, that made it seem like he’s also been assisting the Thunder’s front office.

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That’s going to be a couple

That’s going to be a couple of awfully tough checks to write for an owner whose team is not close to being in the mix of Western Conference contenders.

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