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With Gerald Henderson's poor performance against Villanova and Duke's dissapointing blowout in the Sweet 16, don't be surprise if the Junior guard returns to school for his Senior year. Watch Tyreke Evans who had a big game against Mizzou, enter the 2009 NBA Draft, and have his stock shore up, with his strong performance. This will mean # 1 high school player in the country, John Wall, his headed to Memphis.

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That team is going to be so nasty next year, we all know Wall is going to memphis, their is no school out their that will utilize his talents better, memphis dribble-drive system will catapult him into the NBA. Gerald Henderson, I never thought he was that good to begin with especially when he plays against someone who is equally as athletic and refs don't give him special treatment, his base case scenario is Dahntay Jones. Tyreke is truth, he's good basketball player that can pass, dribble, take it to the rim, and run a team, he just needs to improve his shoot, and decision making, he's top ten pick in my eyes, only time will tell.

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Evans will probably declare and if he does it will be between Memphis and Baylor for John Wall...and Memphis/Calipari will win that everytime. Evans will succeed in the NBA,he is too big a talent on offensive to be a bust.He needs to develop a better jumper and play way better defense though. He also isnt a point guard,but he does need the ball to succeed,and he'll probably get it.

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Good post, Evans probably

Good post, Evans probably has the most potential in this draft, and I wouldn't doubt it if Derozan now gets picked before Henderson. Probably won't, but he could considering he has the size to guard the 2-3 in the NBA. Also, I know most of you haven't watched Evan Turner play much, I've only watched him the couple times they played the Gophers and their first round lost to Siena, but I like him more than Tyreke and I can't choose between him and Harden. Doesn't matter though because apparently Turner wants to keep living in a dorm.

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I hope coach John Calipari

I hope coach John Calipari doesn't bolt to Kentucky, and Bring John Wall with him. With that said I believe Evans and Henderson will both be going pro next year. Tyreke is a top 5 pick, and Henderson will benefit from a weak draft class. I don't think it matters if he had a poor performance against 'Nova, his body of work speaks for itself.

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No way u compared gerald henderson to tay jones as a best case scenario player in the nBA. Geralds skills are way better and his shot is better now than tays shot now.

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