Swingman Joe Ingles likely to sign with NBA team, why wasn't he drafted a few years back?

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Swingman Joe Ingles likely to sign with NBA team, why wasn't he drafted a few years back?

Ingles is someone to bring off the bench for some outside shots, he might have gone undrafted in 2009. There are several reports saying NBA teams are after him now, including from ESPN Marc Stein.

Did Ingles have any fans here during the 2009 mock drafts? What NBA team would suit him?

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Because he isn't very good.

Because he isn't very good. He has never been a stand out player at any point, he's really never been NBA quality at anything. He's put his head down and he's become a knock down shooter to some extent, but even then, I think these world championship exhibition games have been abarations not the norm for him. I don't see him being more than a 11th or 12th man off the bench for someone, unless a team like Philly gets him, where he would actually be forced to play minutes due to the lack of players. For reference, he only average 5 points over the past 4 years in the Euroleague. He did shoot 40% from 3 the last two seasons, but he also only took 70 3's. He didn't get drafted because he wasn't an NBA player or prospect, and the jury is still out on whether he is.

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What about Aaron Baynes. Has

What about Aaron Baynes. Has been one of the best big-men in the tournament. Could be increasing his value on the free-agency market as we speak.

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I don't know about that.

I don't know about that. Because of the Spurs aging core, Baynes started a handful of games last season, and didn't exactly look like a player waiting for a larger role. I caught a few of those games and was not impressed.

Hes fundamentally sound, has some bulk to throw around, but is really slow, and a negative defender. He also struggles against length, and was a sub 40% shooter as a starter.

He played a role for a title team, but I doubt he has any sort of breakout season. Still, he can play a small role for 10 years and make money doing so.

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This may be biased as I'm an

This may be biased as I'm an Aussie and would love to see ingles get a shot, but I disagree that he couldn't help a team. While I agree with most of your points I think ingles greatest attribute is he is unique. He isn't a typical spot up shooter and although not elite at anything he doesn't have any glaring weakness. I know it's easy to compare leftys with leftys but I see him as a less athletic tayshaun prince that would defonately help a team with limited minutes.

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Personally, I see Kyle

Personally, I see Kyle Singler as a better comparison.

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Jack of all trades, master of

Jack of all trades, master of none.
His developed passing abilities might be enough for someone to sign him but rumours have always floated around regarding him. I remember hearing the Twolves were keen on him in 2009-2010 but it was always just rumours.

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