Supposed deep drafts compared to Weak ones ( a must read)

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Supposed deep drafts compared to Weak ones ( a must read)

Looking back now, given it is only a few years you can see stars brewing and those who are beginning to fade away. The 2007 draft was suppose to be the deepest draft EVER with people like Durant Oden Wright, The Florida boys. But is it really that deep of a draft. You would be lucky to find 15 players that exactly are making a impact and not just a simple rotation player.

So when looking back on these drafts the 06 draft was said to be just as bad if not worse then this draft. Now 3 years have past and you have names like Roy Aldridge Rondo etc. etc. emerging as Superstars of the league. We are so quick to say this is such a weak draft but do we really know for sure.

I Challenge you to find Star, impact players, starter of these last 3 drafts ( 08.07.06 ) and exactly compare them. Look thru second rounders and all. Look at where these players are selected and how much hype they recieved coming out of college or Highschool. And look at the players drafted above them and anaylze the hype they received coming out.

I am telling you right now, if you do this and come back to this draft. It will improve your ability to make and understand mock drafts.

Feel free to disagree or discuss but no longer will u classify a draft class before atleast 2 years have past.

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id do it but im to tired.

id do it but im to tired.

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I would do it too but.... I

I would do it too but.... I don't like to research things. I prefer to argue off of common knowledge broseph. sorry G

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the 06 players

should be producing more because all of there players are a year older than the 07 ones. the first couple of years dont tell that much if a draft was successful or not.

were you actually comparing the 07 players 2nd year stats with the 06 players 2nd year stats. i doubt it. you prolly compared how they are doing last season and the 06 players have a year more experience.

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draft will be beter! gOOFY GUY

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By squirmydude at 2009-06-10

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i must be bored outta my mind...

tim i'm not agreeing or disagreeing with you by any means, i just am really here goes!!
Kevin Durant
Al Horford
Jeff Green
Joakim Noah (in a way, he is producing the way he did at FLA.)
Thaddeus Young
Al Thorton (when healthy)
Rodney Stuckey
Rudy Fernandez
Aaron Brooks
Carl Landry
Glen Davis
Marc Gasol

and I think Conley, Bellineli, Hawes, Cook, and Julian Wright can be very productive...eventually.

as for 08, i think it's too soon to rate them, but to name a few..
Derrick Rose
Brook Lopez
Russell Westbrook
Anthony Randolph.

But like i said, i nether agree or disagree, just bored and throwing out random names!

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Ok but.....Jeff is not a

Ok but.....Jeff is not a impact player...any other team in the league he is a bench or rotation player. Same with Noah
Rudy is not one bit of impact player, a solid player but that is all. Gasol hasn't shown anything.

You have to take these players and see how well they would be on other teams. Most of these players are starters because of the situation they are in Ala Green Noah Rudy Gasol.

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I think some of you are

I think some of you are missing the point...the 06 draft was expected to be a bunch of role players at best. I am factoring in the emergence of stars in the class since it will hard for a player in the 07 class to just explode on the scene without having a semi set up year. We knew brooks was good so don't say he exploded, the year before people saw his potential very well. So i am saying everyone is so quick to classify this draft as a bunch of bust or role players when 3 years ago we all we discussing the samething and look at how many stars popped up out of no where.

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Why did my post get deleted?

Why did my post get deleted? I had a valid opinion and am against the grain on a lot of the current players in the draft. I'm within the TOSA.

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i agree, not everything is as it seems,

based on potential, i think these players can be all stars




Very decent starters

and most first projected frst rounders will be nba players for long.

I think it is not that weak as everyone says.

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I agree people get caught up

I agree people get caught up in the hype. This draft may be very good but a lot of the players have question marks that have been well documented. Also all of the point guards in this draft have star potential. There are no big men but some quality players who lots of athleticism.

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Draft Classification

The reason drafts are classified as strong or weak has nothing to do with the first few picks and everything to do with draft depth. Their are more than likely going to be some solid players in every draft, but some drafts are going to have more than others. I do not at all remember people classifying '07 as one of the strongest drafts ever, because it was kind of a crap shoot after Oden and Durant, but the reason it was seen as a stronger draft than '06 was due to the fact that the top high school players were not in the draft that year, hance making '07 a deeper draft. 1992 produced Shaquille O'Neal and Alonzo Mourning, but that draft on a whole would not be considered very strong. I think classifying this draft as weak makes sense, as the high school class of '05 has proven to be very weak, plus the freshman class last year did not really prove to be very strong either. Also, it is going up against the 2008 draft, which was ridiculously deep and successful, so that really leads to them classifying this draft as weak. Their will be solid players from this draft, just not as many as in other drafts, hence the "weak" label. But, I too like to wait before making judgments, so I am more than willing to give these guys a couple of years to prove themselves.

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