Suns and Spurs showing interest in Gustavo Ayon

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Suns and Spurs showing interest in Gustavo Ayon

Monterrey, Mex. "With a Spanish accent that is beginning to show in his voice, the phone tells Gustavo Ayon Nayarit good time living in basketball in Spain, Fuenlabrada team.

It is one of the best players in the ACB, considered the second best league in the world, so his name began to be recognized in Spain and Mexico and the best: you already have offers from NBA teams to be tested in the summer.

"There are already confirmed deals, but not yet have dates, I think the dates will be giving and end of the season because it depends on if I play here Playoffs or not," said Ayon, born in Tepic, Nayarit, but raised in the village of Zapote.

"The most interested for now, those who have already done formal well, is with San Antonio and Phoenix Suns. Those are the two teams that already have there with a little more interest and hopefully and hopefully can do everything right and we can go to your camp. "

Ayon today is the fifth most productive player, according to the ranking of the ACB.

A few weeks ago, when his team beat Barcelona, ​​showcased with 24 points and 8 rebounds, just in a game that Lakers general manager Mitch Kupchak, saw his performance.

In Spain came in 2009, being signed by the Fuenlabrada with a three-year contract with possible extension to four.

"I have a contract in force here, but in such case (of possibilities in NBA), that will be discussed at the end of the season, the time now I have moved a little," said the player of 2.06 meters.

Reaching the NBA, his height would have to be power forward, not center.

"We'll see what we get (in NBA), what lies ahead, and if you change your position, you work for it. Right now at the moment I am working to improve many technical things and see what more we can improve, "external.

"Titan" turns 26 on Friday. His professional career laid the groundwork in the LNBP of Mexico Xalapa Falcons, with whom he was champion, then emerge from the UPAEP of Puebla.

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Ayon signed with the New

Ayon signed with the New Orleans Hornets..I'm surprise more people arent talking about this kid...During the summer there were 5 nba teams trying to sign him..

I Dont know how much playing time he'll see ,becuz unless they trade Okafor..He'll be behind Kamen,Okafor and Jason Smith..

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