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NOt a suns fan,but are they the best 9 seed ever?If they were in east,do you think they would battle for number 1 seed?For the record,they were 2-0 vs pacers and 20-9 vs eastern conference.

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I loved how the Suns play

I loved how the Suns play this year. I read earlier that if they beat Sacramento that they'll be the 2nd team ever to win 48 games and miss the playoffs, since the NBA expanded to 16 teams in 84-85. So yes, record wise, if they win they'd be tied for the best 9 seed ever.

I hope they pull a Chicago in 08, or Orlando in 93 type lotto draw, just because they didn't tank.

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As a Minnesota fan, I sure hope not.

I witnessed the decades long disappointment when Orlando and Miami jumped the Wolves in 92 and took Shaq and Alonzo Mourning, while the Wolves got the third pick, Christian Laettner. The teams that are down on the bottom need hope too, whether or not you think they got there by tanking. The '91-'92 Wolves were just simply that bad. The entire franchise trajectory changed with that lottery, as Shaq and 'Zo were HOF'ers, while Laettner made but a single All-Star game.

Also, if Los Suns jump into the top 3, then the Wolves fall to 14th and lose their draft pick to the Suns (top 13 protected) as I am pretty sure you know. The Wolves have a roster that cries out for a competent backup PG, or a shooter on the wing. The Wolves NEED to have this pick, and be able to find the right player, so that they can make the playoffs next year and coerce Love to resign. The loss of Love would send this franchise on a black hole death spiral that might last years. The fan base is pretty well crushed after 10 consecutive losing seasons the way it is.

I generally agree with things you post. Not this time. The Suns had an awesome year and I wanted so bad to see them make the playoffs. It didn't happen, but that doesn't mean that I want to see them unjustly rewarded. There are plenty of other teams that are trying hard too.

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They wanted to tank before

They wanted to tank before the season but rightfully turned away from it once it became obvious the playoffs were a legitimate possibility. Hard to believe they miss the playoffs if Gortat is starting at the 5 and Plumlee is coming off the bench.

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They did a great job. I'm not

They did a great job. I'm not even sure what they did on the court is their biggest accomplishment. I'm still shocked by Miles Plumlee. Probably the Pacers played a part too in his development, but this guy just couldn't play out of Duke, period. Now he's developing a decent footwork, can put the ball on the floor and spin, has a nice touch in his jump hook. Where the hell did all of this came from? And considering what he showed I think he still has potential untapped. Either Nba teams too many times don't invest too much in players development, or players too often aren't putting enough work, I don't know where the truth lies, but I think Plumlee it's a great example.

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I wish they could just take

I wish they could just take Atlanta's place as the eight in the east. They are 10 GAMES better than Atlanta.

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Can they throw the bank at Bledsoe? Too bad he missed that month of games, they would most likely be on the inside.

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Can make a splash

The Suns have a lot of cap flexibility moving forward. Okafor's 15m comes off the books this season and Frye has a 7m player option which I doubt he takes considering the weak free agent class will increase his value.

But Plumlee, Bledsoe, Morris Brothers, Green and Len all earn around 3-4m next year and they're all good players.

Suns could make a splash at any point without killing their cap flexibility. They could (but won't) even add 2 max players whilst keeping that core.

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If I were a free agent, the

If I were a free agent, the Suns would be my top pick. Great coach, legendary medical staff, young, talented team with real potential, and the money to sign me.

The only question is whether or not Sarver cheaps out.

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