This is pretty random,but how did Sun Yue develope over this year?Will he be back and will he actually play in the rotation next year?I hope so,I want to see how he's play in the nba

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I could see why the Lakers took a gamble on him because he has some intriguing skills. But he did'nt show enough in his brief playing thime to warrant any serious consideration as far as his future in the nba. His shooting form and defense looked decent and he is a 6-9 gaurd. The team has a cheap option on him for next year, so they wil probably give him another year to develop.

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sun yue

he's great if his on a right team yeah he can be a very great player i'm serious look what he can do very quick, strong, ball handle, and shoot!!!

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Sun Yue is not strong. He

Sun Yue is not strong. He actually is one of the weakest players in the NBA

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