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what do you guys think of the summer leauge? will you watch it?

i think it is kind of misleading because i watched Marco Belineli drop 30+ points a game and he looked like the star but in the nba turns out he is not that good.
also when Rondo was playing he didn't look to spectacular and his numbers were not the greatest but look at him now.

so my thought is yeah you see your team play but the intensity of playingf is not like the nba because it is just a bunch of young kids so wall turner should be amazing nut in the nba when they are guarded by lebron or gilbert or deron they may not be soo good.

so that is my opionon on the summer leauge what do you guys think/

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I will definitely be watching

I will definitely be watching the Summer League this year. John Wall and my Wiz! are going to be playing. The match-ups I am looking forward too the most are John Wall vs. Stephen Curry, John Wall vs. Rodrigue Beaubois, and John Wall vs. Darren Collison.

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I love watching summer

I love watching summer league. Even though the statistics are often insignificant, you can still tell a lot by watching a player perform. It also allows me to watch some guys that I haven't seen in a while, like Yaroslav Korolev, Jamont Gordon, and Nikoloz Tskitishvili, just to name a few.

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Love watching 'Skita. He's

Love watching 'Skita. He's actually really improved from what he used to be. He's been primarily a spot-up three point shooter this past year though, but his skill set is still intriguing. I'll be watching Summer League as well.

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