Summer League

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Summer League

How much does summer league actually matter ? Im watching and some of these guys are hardly passing the ball it looks ridiculous at times ...

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The summer league really

The summer league really isn't a good indicator of how a player will fit in the league. Many of the guys are fighting for a roster spot, or established players who are expected to take over (i.e Austin Daye and Jrue Holiday for this year). Therefore, team chemistry and winning in general take a back seat.

What the summer league does IMO, is let you further evaluate a players athleticism, shooting and ball handling. Even though the team dynamic may not be present, these guys are all top players from their respective colleges and are putting forward serious effort to catch the eye of the coaching staff. So you get a very good idea how someone stacks up when they are out there on the floor with that type of compeitition.

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summer league

the only thing that really matters is when someone dominates a game or games, like jeremy lin did against wall and how he played for the mavs summer league team. or how harden and westbrook dominated the other year. also players can play their way into nba training camps if they are good, and eventually onto an NBA team.

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Adam Morrison have averaged

Adam Morrison have averaged at or close to 20 ppg multiple Summer Leagues and Hasheem Thabeet averaged 13 ppg 8.6 rpg and 2.8 bpg after his rookie year.

It's mainly to see which undrafted guys and free agents to invite to your preseason camps and tryouts, as well as giving your young guys some games to play in which they get to play larger roles than they do during the season.

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I thought Justin Holiday,

I thought Justin Holiday, Jrue Brother was playing. Justin may be able to find a roster spot somewhere because he stands out above the rest.

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Jrue Holiday has been the

Jrue Holiday has been the starting PG for a while and is not in the Orlando Summer League, it is his younger brother who is a wing...and is playing nicely. Him and Jacob Pullen are making a case to be on the real team.

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