A+ Suggestions for Fixing the NBA Draft Lottery!

Since tanking has become one of the most pressing issues on today's NBA landscape, I came up with some potential ways of fixing the problem:

-14th Worst Team Gets Unlimited Cap Space the Following Season

What better way to avoid tanking than having a great incentive for the LEAST desirable spot in the NBA standings??

-Three Worst Teams Get Relegated to D-League

How bout the NBA takes a page from soccer and kicks out the worst three teams every year? Three d-league teams take their place and the fourth worst team gets the top lottery odds! No team would tank and get stuck in the D-League the following year!

-Public Humiliation

Here's a little throwback to less politically correct times. All players and key front office personnel of the team with the worst record have to stand in a public forum as fans are invited to come and mock, boo, throw tomatoes, etc.

-Shorten the schedule to 16 regular season games

Do you seen NFL teams tanking at the end of the season? I sure don't. Let's take a page from their book and make a short and sweet regular season.

-Eliminate the draft and have all rookies go into a seperate free agency period

Seeing as EVERYONE loved The Decision in 2010, we could have that same drama and excitement several times a year, EVERY YEAR! Imagine Andrew Wiggins, Jabari Parker, and Joel Embiid announcing their destination all on the same day! And all for a typical rookie contract! All proceeds go to charity!

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i like the idea of a

i like the idea of a serpentine draft. reward the teams that played well in the 2nd round.

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(This is satire, for those of

(This is satire, for those of you who were unaware. For those of you who WERE aware and, well...think it wasn't funny...bummer.)

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What an excellent idea

Instead of tomatoes I think eggs would add to the effect even more! Also the NFL idea is really great, instead of worrying about these teams at different times and days. They're also on Sundays and Mondays, great points to reduce tanking

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Give NBA a fantasy

I say give NBA players official fantasy points. From 1 to 100 and start there. Lebron is 100, Durrant 95, S. Curry 90 and so on. Base it on each players overall stats year to year and assign each team an overall value. The value each team gets translates to win/loss percentage projection going in to each season, post draft. Each team will either exceed, match or fall short of their projections. The following years draft will be similar to as it is now having a draft lottery which will be an odds system based on the number of teams eligible. Teams with less than a certain value, say 70 points avg, get lottery chances. The teams that exceeded their wins expectation get the best odds in the lottery followed by teams that match projections, and last the teams who fall short. In the actual draft. The players selected would be given projected values to be averaged into each team who they go to. Top 3 picks would be assigned 100 value to potentially keep draft winners from the following years draft. Other odds considerations could be based on major injuries substained to top value players. The 2012/13 Bulls who lost Rose to injury would be given an adjusted value inseason and be given a new win/loss projection. Traded picks would be based on the team it came from, for draft placement. In-season trades would also have to alter team values and win/loss projections inseason.

A team for example would be last years Miami Heat. Say they had an overall value of 95 going into 2013/14. They have a projected win/loss of 64 and 18. They fail to meet the projection (54 and 28) and are over the value threshold for lottery in the 2014 draft. Also, they lose LBJ to free agency and face a choice to retool with less value players with eyes on next years draft or keep core and reload. They decide to retool with just average players to their core and go into 2014/15 with overall value of 65 and a win loss projection of 52 and 30, 63% win percentage They finish 2015 with a 60 and 22 record exceeding expectations. Their win/loss percentage is 73% an increase of 10% and get the 3rd best odds to win the draft for 2015. Two other teams end up with better win/loss increase than Heat (just hypothetical)

Of course its fantasy which probably wont be implemented any time soon. It could really change the way NBA teams manage their roster, free agency, and even player contract duration and value. Also, it causes NBA teams to EARN their draft pick. Finally and most importantly, this idea could really add balance and competitiveness to all NBA teams This idea could use some fine tuning but hey! fantasy sports and video games assign values, why not the NBA too.

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The Kings would get the last

The Kings would get the last pick every year

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That serpentine draft idea

That serpentine draft idea sounds good.

I would use ping pong balls to select the first FIVE picks instead of the top 3.

Then I would do a Wild Card sixth pick that is open to every team in the league (3.33% chance).

That would give EVERY team a shot at a really good player.

Then resume the draft order from 7 on down which would make for an extra first round pick.

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I posted this on another

I posted this on another post, but since this is dedicated to the idea I will re post here.

There should be two lotterys composed of the 14 lottery teams.

Lottery 1 or the equally balanced lottery should have all 14 teams assigned an equal percentage. 7.14% I dropped the rest of the number for ease of typing. All teams get an equal chance at getting the best odds for the top pick. So the 2nd lottery would essentially stay the same, maybe reducing the odds a few % points. So the best odds on the 2nd lottery would be something maybe like a 18% chance at getting the first pick which in turn would up the worst case odds to around 2% chance at getting the 1st pick.

So the lottery before the lottery would give every team an equal shot at getting the best odds for the actual lottery. In theory there would be no reason to tank for the worst record. Now, this might cause some late season tanking by the teams on the edge of the playoffs, but it would get rid of a team trying to win 15 games to ensure that they get the best odds. Everybody has equal odds at getting the best odds. Roughly every team would have a 7% chance at getting a 18% chance at the top pick. The first lottery serves as a buffer to the real lottery. With no way to tell what place you will be slotted in, tanking is pointless... but it still gives the worst teams a chance to win the real lottery. This weekend I will iron out the percentages to see if it makes sense, and run it through a simulator program that I will whip together as well and report back my findings. I think it's a solid, decent idea which wouldn't add radical change.. and it's one that I have yet to hear from someone else which makes me even more partial to it :)

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My suggestion is a cumulative

My suggestion is a cumulative system, that doesnt only count the last season, but last 2-5 seasons.

Let's assume 3. For last season they would look for the worst team, for the other 2 seasons they look for the best team( or worst draft pick last year). And calculate an odd for each team. All the draft is from lottery and 2nd round is serpentine.

So if you are the last team twice, you lose your chance to get 1st significantly. However if you were a playoff team that dropped just this season, you get a chance for a high pick. This way it rewards success, in the same time giving chance for bad teams.

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