Suggestion to NCAA and NBA

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Suggestion to NCAA and NBA

My idea is to have a continuously running tenth of a second clock connected to the game and shot clocks. This would really help in end of clock/game situations.

For example say there's .5 sec left in the game with a team inbounding to take a game winning shot. The player catches it and shoots and makes it but the refs wave it off since it looked to come after the buzzer. The play goes to review and the call was right as the clock hit zero as the ball was still barley in the shooters hand, only problem is the clock was started just a hair early. With a running clock the refs could easily make a more accurate call seeing exactly how long it took to get the shot off, instead of making a guess based off a live time replay and a stopwatch which I believe they use now.?..

Obviously that's a rare and extreme case but college and pro games are high stakes big money businesses that are easily dissected with slow motion multi angle replays. It could also be used in cases where a shot clock is accidentally reset, there was just a case in the Dayton game where this could have been used on shot clock reset error. Anything to take away the human error on objective calls like a timing call.

One is this even a good idea? And Two how does one go about suggesting something like this to a league? Do I shoot Adam Silver and email or call him up at NBA headquarters?

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