The stupid trade proposal thread.

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The stupid trade proposal thread.

This is where you post all your stupid, and homer trade proposals. Their all over the place now.

My trade idea is

Rudy Fernandez
Victor Claver

for Jonny Flynn.

Why they do it?

Portland: they get their future point guard, fits better with Portland, than in the triangle.

Minnesota: They add a nice shooter, and play maker, in Fernandez who could play point guard in the triangle too, in a sixth man role. And a nice talent in Claver who will help fill their small forward problem.

But the main reason is to entice Ricky Rubio to come, by adding two Spaniards.

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The Raptors fall in love with

The Raptors fall in love with Eddy Curry and get determined that they can bring him back to life so they force Bosh to go to New York in a sign and trade.

worst trade idea ever? quite possibly

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Since I'm probably the cause for these Threads

Might as well start some shit.....D.Wade for Sam Dalembert, Lou Williams, Jason Kapono...And next years first rounder...D.Wade looks at Philly's roster and Says Ummmmm...Holiday's better than Ron Harper...Iggy looks like Scottie...and with Brand and Speights combining as a Horace Grant hybrid...Tahd Young the lefty 6th man ala Kukoc... they're one rebounder(Rodman) and White center(J.Smith) away from Looking like the 90's Bulls on paper....Miami would be forced to take back Sammy(who would actually be a good pick-up for them...They have a large Haitian population and fan base...It be a marketing Win...) L.Will would be an upgrade at PG and can actually be a good piece too...Kapono is there for money reason and has ties to the team and expires with Sam next year...Both players probably resign for real cheap and the Heat still have tons of cash...THE TRADE MAKES MORE SENSE IF THE TEAMS SWAPPED PICKS ...THE HEAT GETTING A STARTING 5 FOR D.WADE LEAVING TO CHAMPIONSHIP CALIBER TEAM IN A BIG MARKET CITY...SCREW CHI TOWN AND THEIR LOVE FOR LBJ...THIS TRADE GOES DOWN WADE WINS A RING...HE AND IGGY WOULD BE MJ AND SCOTTIE DUO FOR THE NEW SCHOOL...

Wade and the 18th pick for S.Dalembert,L.Williams,J.Kapono and 2nd Overall Pick(Evan Turner)... Not to mention they have Beasley and Tons of cap for 2 Max Stars or 1 Max and role players...Miami would actually be a decent team going forward...Taking Philly's 2nd overall and Netting Turner a potential franchise guy...swapping Picks allowing Philly to Draft a role player at 18...

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Lebron James for Brandon Roy,

Lebron James for Brandon Roy, LMA, and Oden.

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New York Wish List

New York Fans wish this happens I bet

S&T LeBron for Bill Walker
S&T Bosh for Eddy Curry

Trade Chandler for 1st Rounder Eric Bledsoe

Draft Jordan Crawford if he falls

Sign Tracy McGrady for Vets Min.

Sign Ray Allen

Draft Ryan Richards

Sign Brendan Haywood

Opening Night Roster VS Boston

C- Richards/Haywood
F- Bosh/Gallinari
F- James/McGrady
G- Allen/Crawford
G- Bledsoe/Douglas

Too Bad It Wont Happen HA!!

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I was thinking drug the

I was thinking drug the lakers organization and free Phil Jackson who comes to NY.

Trade away Sergio Rodriguez and Bill Walker and our 2 2nd rounders for Kobe Bryant
Lebron Signs for an MLE as does Wade. Lee resigns for what he got paid this year. Mcgrady vet min, and thats it.

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Sign and trade boozer for chris bosh

Booze went to hs in Alaska so he is used to the cold, bring bosh to play with Dwill.
Bosh wants a shot at a ring, booze wants to get paid a lot, how does this not work?
Oh ya, bosh won't go to Utah, but this the stupid trade thread.

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Detroit trades prince and rip

Detroit trades prince and rip for Amar'e Stoudemire and barbosa. Then draft Greg Monroe and Jordan Crawford

Starting Lineup

Pg- Stucky/ Crawford
Sg-Gordan/ Barbosa/ Daye
Sf- Jerebko/ Summers
Pf- Monroe/ Charlie V
C- Stoudemire/ wallace

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My fav for unrealistic...

How bout this...

OKC: Durant to Portland

GSW: Curry to Portland

POR: Rudy & Martell to OKC, Bayless to GSW

to make it even worse...

NJ gets Victor Claver and Jeff Pendegraph and the 22nd for the 3rd pick and Minn gets Peteri Kopponen, Joel Freeland, and Dante Cunningham for the 4th...portland takes Favors and Cousins.

Portland stretches the floor with superb shooters in curry and durant. Curry doesn't have to take the ball out of Roy's hands as much. Favors gives the toughness LA will never show, and Cousins has room to go boom or bust without much problem. Every other team gets the shaft.

PG- Miller/Curry
SG- Roy
SF- Durant/Batum
PF- LA/Favors/Howard
C- Oden/Camby/Cousins

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the raptors do a sign&trade

the raptors do a sign&trade with Hedo and Reggie Evans for LeBron, also Calderon and Jack for Wade.
plus trading Marcus Banks for Derrick Rose, and Andrea Bargnani for Brook Lopez, Yi and TWill. Bosh decides to resign, they pick Avery Bradly with the draft pick, the new roster looks like

C-Lopez/someone else


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