Is this the strongest point draft since Cris Paul and D Will came out?

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Is this the strongest point draft since Cris Paul and D Will came out?

If you need a point guard you should be very happy with this draft. I like a lot of these guys. Rubio, Jennings, Flynn, Maynor, Curry, Mills, Lawson, and Rice. I think Collison is going to be a starter eventually. I seen Rice eat Lawson for breakfast for 3 years in a row now. How well does Rice stack up in this group of Points? He is not the best, but he could score a lot of points against any of these guys believe that.

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it's definitely deep with talented pg's. Basically any team that needs help at the point and has a top 25 pick might get someone who could contribute. I don't expect any of them to be all-stars though.

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happy to see someone has given rice some love yes he has owned lawson actually 4 years in a row i saw him play against him in high school and lawson had kdurant on his team rice had like 30 in that game and that was a high school against a power house pred and it was a close game with rice the kid is better than many may know he makes something out of nothing you can see that by what he did at BC

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I think that one or two of

I think that one or two of them will be all-stars. Some very great PG this year (and very poor for C).

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Rice is a good 1 on 1 gaurd

NO ONE NEEDS A 1 on 1 guard, he is definitely more crafty than all but one point gaurd in the draft Jennings. I think if given the time can be a good back up. Remember that height with his athleticism, crafty but so is moochy norris, and flip murray.

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it has the most quantity but

it has the most quantity but i think the 2008 draft with rose westbrook augustin bayless and chalmers will have the most All-Stars.

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DHamp....Hubie Brown

Probably so! Jonny Flynn is leading the strong pack.

D Hamp... the greatest mind in basketball. Next to Hubie Brown anyway.

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I think because some of the PG's in last year's draft have developed more from being in the NBA and playing the guards coming out in this draft will effect them. Mario Chalmers was a surprise to some people, but I think the skills and potential he has is similar to Jrue Holiday. I wouldn't be surprised if Holiday turns out to be the best, Flynn will be the leader though.

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I mean nobody knows

I mean nobody knows guys....! We dont know!

Rubio could be Jason Kidd or he could be Sergio Rodriguez

Jennings could be Tim Hardaway or he could be Jason Williams (white one)

Ty Lawson could be Terrell Brandon or he could be Brevin Knight

Etc., etc., etc.

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Year of the PG

Dbl-A threw down a great piece on the site about this -

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yeah rice is a goo done on

yeah rice is a goo done on one pg but i wouldnt take him over lawson..also he should score more then lawson because his team doesnt have the other weapons that lawson has in hs or in college...plsu i wouldnt put awhole lot of stock in the one on one thing seeing as vasquez punished rice when they planned...

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This is an awsome PG clas in

This is an awsome PG clas in terms in the quantity of good PG's there is this year but not the quality of CP3 or D WiLL.
I think alot of teams are gonna be suprised how many of this years point guards drafted in the 2nd round will turn out to be steals. Guys like Rice or Collinson or even Maynor if he falls. Any of those 3 could turn out to be 10 year starters but ya neva know....

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