The strength of this draft

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The strength of this draft

I think the only reason people are calling this draft weak is because there is not a lot of STAR power. I personally think that this will be a very good draft for ROLE PLAYERS. Blake Griffin is really the only sure fire stud in this draft. Guys like Rubio, Derozan, and a couple others are high risk guys but everyone else you pretty much know what your going to get. We have been spoiled the past 2 years because so many GREAT players have been in the draft. This draft is not weak just not amazing like the couple past pears. Tell me what you guys think?

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You posted this 3

You posted this 3 times...delete 2 of them

I think draft over the last 10 a 5/10 overall.

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This is a role player draft.

This is a role player draft. With a few players that will stand out at the end

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