The Story of the Shammgod.

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The Story of the Shammgod.

Kyrie Irving did the move in the Rook-Sophomore game. He let the ball go forward with his right hand, then caught it with his left, afterward did a spin move with the ball in his left hand for the layup.

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Ginobili used to do it when

Ginobili used to do it when he first came into the league. The Shammgod was the first crossover I mastered on the playground.

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always a good move

I caught a lot of people with that move playing pick up in the summer...

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shammgod was good

The best pg to come out of providence is the last 15 years. Shammgod had the best handles in the world that could actually
be used in real organized game, much like Kyrie Irving today. Kobe Bryant learned his crossover from Shammgod, he actually asked Shammgod to teach he a crossover when they were at a camp in high school. Should has been a solid pg in the league, don't know what happened in Washington, thought they liked him when they picked him up out of Providence

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