Stop the John Bryant talk you obviously havent seen him play

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Stop the John Bryant talk you obviously havent seen him play

John Bryant is the most overrated by some and most underrated by others.John Bryant had a good season last year but he doesn't deserve anything above a top 27 pick (and im being generous). He did have average 18 points a game and averaged about 60 percent from the field but the WCC doesnt have any really centers that play defense even the best center in the WCC Josh Heytvelt (yes he is 2000 times better then John Bryant) is a great post defender. John Bryant is an Ok free throw shooter at 78 percent. But the stat that is most overrated of his is his 14.2 rebounds pergame. If you watch the games he gets 7-8 rebounds a game off missed free throws. He is not a good defender at all and if the player can hit a shot 12-18 feet out John Bryant will make that player look unstopable. He does get 2.5 blocks a game but like I said most of the centers in the WCC don't measure up to 6-9.

This articale might seem like im a WCC hater like most but im not. I think it is one the closest to major conference then any other mid major and Gonzaga is a major team and next year watch out for steven Gray and Matt Bouldin who will be unstopable (or close to haha)

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John Bryant

Ok, what did I miss here? I come on to today and see there are 3 forum threads about this guy john bryant. WHO THE HELL IS JOHN BRYANT? and why is everyone obsessed with this guy. I take it hes just a huge white guy with red hair who had a good senior year in a weak conference and he's fun to crack on. is that it or did i miss something else about him? headlines? rumors? draft stock?

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That's the point phelps.

That's the point phelps. This 11 year old btown is raving about an nonathletic uncoordinated white center. He has no business being drafted and will play fringe minutes in this league if he does. I watched him play against Gonzaga and he was lack luster at best.

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he will be bullied by nba

he will be bullied by nba big men when he plays, and he wont be able to get his shots off or rebound, hell have to play overseas or in the d-league.

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I was wonderin 2

Why are talking about him? I never heard of him or watched him play..! All of a sudden there are threads about Joh Bryant

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