Stop Calling Kentucky an Underdog!

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Stop Calling Kentucky an Underdog!

I am so sick and tired of hearing the "Kentucky is an underdog because 8 seed" narrative this tournament. The only reason they were an 8 is because their players selfish and couldn't coexist during the regular season, and got lazy and had some really bad losses, and all of the sudden decided they had to play together to win. No team with, what, 7 or 8 McDonald's All Americans (im on my phone, don't know the exact number) should be considered an underdog in ANY NCAA scenario.

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u sound bitter

And suspect

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Is that you Riley?

He is a hater because the pre-season number one team is being called an underdog? The team with the most talent and NBA prospects being called an underdog? Are you sure you know what an underdog is?

UK was up and down all year. I don't know too many people that are surprised that they beat Kansas State. Most people felt that Witchita State was set up to lose and didn't think they could get by all of their possible opponents. You didn't have to be a UK fan to pencil them beating Witchita State in the 2nd round. They already beat Louisville once and did it again. So when they get to Wisconsin are you really surprised when they win? Right before the NCAA tournament they barely lost to the number one overall seed and had the ball in their hands in the last moments of that game. Even if they didn't play great all year long, it is not like they were getting blown out when they did lose.

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Tomdukes, you are suspect!

I see you have been using that comment alot lately. I don't think you know what it means. Suspect means you do not have an argument and have nothing to say. The op clearly explained his point. Tomdukes, you are the one who is suspect. You think everyone who doesn't praise Kentucky is bitter and suspect? No some peop;e just tell it like they see it. Kentucky is no underdog, they underachieved the whole season and came together when it matters most. Hats off the them.

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i'm going to still call them

i'm going to still call them an underdog. to get to the finals, they had to beat 3 of the 4 final four teams from last year. nobody would of ever said that at the start of the tourney that they would make it to finals. just an example though, i tied for the win in the tourney challenge and nobody had a team make it to the finals. some didn't even pick kentucky to beat k-state.

is anyone tired of coach cal saying that he isn't coaching this team in interviews? seriously, the whole game he was coaching to the point that i could hear him through the tbs broadcast announcers.

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Speaking of those TBS

Speaking of those TBS Announcers- They were AWFUL!!! Watching the Final 4 games were kind of strange without hearing Jim Nantz

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Even UConn is not really an

Even UConn is not really an underdog. They got a low seed (in my opinion) and they are one of the top blue chip programs now.

Kentucky and UConn have had up and down seasons but both are now catching fire.

This is one of the best possible Finals we could have had. Two storied programs, two great coaches, and two of the top college players in the country in Julius Randle and Shabazz Napier.

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To me

This is sort of why college basketball is exciting in the tourny these days. With the 1 and done's etc its tough to develop a real powerhouse so entering the tourny you have 10-15 teams with a real shot to win IMO. I'm pretty sure we'll end up seeing a winner soon with a lot of juniors and seniors even though no-one is a superstar just because they are cohesive - Wisconin was like that and UCONN has veteran guards

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In terms of seeding, they are

In terms of seeding, they are an underdog. In terms of talent, they aren't.

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