Steven Dennis

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Steven Dennis

He worked out for the Knicks so I've been trying to find info about him.

He was the D-II National player of the year.

6'6" PG out of Kutztown University.

26.6 ppg., adding 5.8 rpg., 4.5 assists per game and 2.1 steals per game.

The general consensus seems to be that he is legit and could have been very successful in D-I.

Not saying he's the Knicks savior or anything but he could be an intriguing player that we coud sign as an undrafted free agent.

Everything I'm reading about him reminds me of Sean Livingston. He's 6'6" and very skinny. Very fluid and agile. Can get to the rim but not a great finisher. Great handles and good stroke.

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Wasnt he on Star Trek?

Wasnt he on Star Trek? lol.....On the Real though..Dennis has skills to play in the NBA 1 day..But right now he needs to get stronger and get better at finishing around the basket..I wont be shocked if the Knicks sign him......A year in the D-League will help him alot

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reminds you of sean

reminds you of sean livingston?

then i'll pass

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