Steven Adams

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Steven Adams

He had a breakout game tonight with 17 pt, 10 reb, 3 blk against the Pistons. After 5 games he's averaging 7pt, 6.8 reb and 1.2 blk and has looked like the big man OKC's been searching for. I know he's got a long way to go and he does have a few lapses here and there but the drive to improve is definitely there (Well he is going up against a 2-time gold medalist sister). He doesn't shy away from contact and has set up some awesome screens. He's actually showed better offense and basketball instincts than he did back in Pitt. I know it's only been 5 games but what do you guys think.

As a fellow kiwi, I might be hyping him up a bit with my post but I am quite happy that he's doing pretty well right now. He's already exceeded my expectations as I thought that he was only going to be sparingly used this season and even play in the D-league (Well they did have a history of bad or sparingly used big men - Swift, Petro, White, Mullens, Thabeet).

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As a Kiwi

As a Kiwi I second everything you said. OKC needs if Jeremy Lamb or Reggie Jackson to be a good 6th man to have a successful season. Steven may not be starting but he is getting really good minutes. His ft shooting is also not as bad as people believed. I believe that he had a thumb injury last year in college that hurt his percentage.

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Adams' great start to the

Adams' great start to the season is making James Harden's ridiculous tweet on draft night look even more stupid.

Lamb is coming into his own too, he's learning it's pretty easy to play the Harden role next to Durant and Westbrook.

The Thunder are going to be a top team come playoff time, just you wait.

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You know that tweet was fake

You know that tweet was fake right?

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is this what you call a WHITE kendrick perkins dirk?

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Very impressive, and Detroit is not exactly the worst team under the glass, even if yesterday Drummond was not in his best game..

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Yea I guarantee Adams

Yea I guarantee Adams wouldn't have put up those numbers if Drummond was interested in the game, but everyy dog has its day.

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Sounds like a lame excuse.

Sounds like a lame excuse. If Drummond has to be "interested" then I'd have to question his motor.

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Good to see this post here. I

Good to see this post here. I thought the same when I checked the highlights today. Perk really looks incredible awefull out there. I can't believe this guys is still 28 years old, he moves like a 40 year old Bill Russell and has no vertical at all. There have been some situations today where Perk was challenging interior shots and it was no problem at all to shoot over him.

I'm absolutely happy for Adams right now. Brooks won't make changes in the starting lineup as he basically never does it unless injuries need to make changes but I wouldn't be surprised if Adams plays more minutes than him this year with FAR better numbers. It was always an underrated aspect of Stevens game how mobile and active he really is offensively. He even finds a way to assist some of the others which is absolutely perfect as the Thunder have no one aside from Collison at the big positions who can make plays for others.

I'm glad the Thunder give him minutes he deserves, cause if you take a closer look at the history of developing youngsters in OKC they all only had success when they played some good amount of minutes.

If Adams can cut down his fouls he will be a scary piece for this team in the long run even this year.

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I said this awhile back,that

I said this awhile back,that with the weight lose Perkins wasnt as affective...Becuz he isnt a great rebounder or shot blocker,but he used that girth inside to take space and push guys around.....

Adams looks promising, i knew he would contribute right away on the boards and on defense..I thought playing behind Perkins and Collison he would not get the playing time to prove himself....But it seems he opened the coaching staff eyes with his play in practices and the summer league.......

OKC future looks bright..Out of all the title contenders their future looks the brightest,becuz all of their key players are under 25..

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If I were the Thunder, I'd be

If I were the Thunder, I'd be moving Steven Adams into that starting role soon.

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I'd be a bit cautious and

I'd be a bit cautious and wait until the after the All-Star break to evaulate whether or not Adams gets injected to the starting lineup. Right now, Perkins is the better post defender, but the kid is showing flashes of what he can do in the future.

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Adams is in a good place to

Adams is in a good place to be. Nick collison is a great guy to learn from and be mentored by. He gets to see how hard westbrook and durant work. He is getting playing time. It is just a good spot for him to be.

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The Thunder are flying under

The Thunder are flying under the radar a bit. Rockets and Clippers getting more publicity out West with the Pacers being the hottest team in the league. They may have lost Harden, but they still have a great young core that they can afford: Durant, Westbrook, Ibaka, Reggie Jackson, Steven Adams, and Jeremy Lamb.

Durant and Westbrook are the best 1-2 punch in the league right now.

We might be headed for a Thunder-Pacers Finals which would be awesome. We could then figure out who has been better this year -- Kevin Durant or Paul George.

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Hindsight is 20/20, I know...

Hindsight is 20/20, I know... But it's clear Steven Adams belongs in the NBA and I felt the same way on draft day and truly thought if the Suns wanted to take a big man that Adams had much higher upside and promise than Len and Noel. Reminds me of when the Thunder took Serg a handful of picks after the Suns had taken Robin Lopez. DAMNIT SUNS!

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yes but...

Steven Adams looked solid against a well thought of piston front court. I just want to inject a couple thoughts that may water down the performance of Adams...One, as a piston fan I feel a little better about Drummond seeming to be outperformed by Adams knowing he's still an entire year older than Andre. Secondly, not to take away from an impressive night, but I would have to think playing with Kevin Durant opens a lot of opportunities based on the attention he requires from an opposing defense. Again nice night but check the tape and I bet you Adams success may have more so came from the mistake of KD's defender rather than his.

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An entire year?

Don't know where you got your info, but they were born 13 days apart

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first, steven adams was born

first, steven adams was born on 20 july 1993 (or 27 july 1993 depending where you look) and andre drummond on 10 august 1993. thats a 20 (or 13) day gap not one year older unless im missing something here. i would say thats roughly the same age and not hes one year older. second, most of the shots if not all he made, KD and KD's defender was near the 3pt line so neither was actively involved in the play so he couldnt of made a mistake.

first shot made - baseline hook made, durant was not in the play (on the 3pt line) after he passed to jackson so no mistake there by his defender.

second shot made - reverse layup after pump fake following a lob by jackson, durant wasnt in the game.

third shot made - tip in after no boxing out by the pistons.

fourth shot made - pick and roll with fisher, durant not in the play at all nor was his defender. he was out of the screen on the 3pt line.

fifth shot made - layup after no boxing out by the pistons again.

sixth shot made - hook shot in transition over the defender, durant not in the play nor was his defender. made it over a pistons defender on him

seventh shot made - layup in between two defenders following a drive by jackson, durant not involved in the play again.

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I am really excited about his potential... I was worried going into the season that the Thunder would just keep in the D-League for most of the year, barely giving him any time like they did with Lamb, but I think Scott Brooks has already recognized how much better Adams is then Perkins and will be giving him substantial minutes this season. Adams really only needs to be an average center this post season to give the Thunder a big boost and be consided a HUGE upgrade over Perkins. I think he can be at least average this season with the potential to be an all star in the future.

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Steve Adams has come along a

Steve Adams has come along a lot quicker than most of us thought he would, he can concentrate on learning the fundamentals of defence and leave the scoring to KD and Westbrook. He has the insanely athletic Ibaka alongside him who will grab the lion's share of rebounds and blocks so Adams can almost be used a physical presence to play inside on defence against bigger guys who may try to outmuscle Ibaka. He can try to keep to opposition's C's occupied and allow Ibaka to play around him grabbing the rebounds.

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I had a feeling he'd be a

I had a feeling he'd be a quick study. He just kept improving his production despite being tested with constantly improved competition.

Use his college at a starting point and look what he's done since.

College - 23.4 mpg - 7.2 ppg 6.4 rpg 2 bpg 44% FT

Then against other 1st-3rd year players, and pro journeymen he put up...

Summer League - 27 mpg - 9 ppg 6.5 rpg 1.25 bpg 67% FT

Then against NBA players with vets playing reduced roles in the pre-season he put up...

Pre-Season - 23.4 mpg 7.8 ppg 8 rpg 1.1 bpg 53% FT ( 9.06 ppg 9.2 rpg 1.3 blocks per 27 minutes ( SL time)

Then the regular season, the big show, he's doing the same

First 5 NBA games - 20.2 mpg 7ppg 6.8 rpg 1.2 bpg 69% FT ( 9.35 ppg 9.1 rpg 1.6 bpg per 27 minutes)

He hasn't been significantly hindered by any increase in competition. He's been pretty steady in his production and actually improved a little against better players and competition.

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Nice work here Joe. The think

Nice work here Joe. The think I like about him and other inexperienced young big men is that if your flat out active, play hard and know how to defend, you always earn your minutes and have a chance to fill out the stats like Adams does.

he is a good rebounder and despite beeing a mile away from beeing an offensive rotation player, he gets his points on putbacks, fast breaks and opportunities from drives of his teammates. I really had headaches when the Thunder picked him cause I thought Olynik would have been a better fit offensively but in the end everyone they would have picked wouldn't play more than 20 mins a game for the season since the Thunder can't afford developing talent in the title hunt.

I'm than happy he does so well and as a high character guy with good BB IQ and a impressive body he will only get better in this organisation. I just checked the season stats so far and with almost the same amount of minutes, he has twice the numbers than Perk who is absolutely horrible right now. With better competition out there, Adams would not be there right now. Thant's not a knock at all but shows the need for of the Thunder for a true defensive minded anchor who can make a layup or is quick enough to run with this team on the othe end.

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