Steve Nash on the Lakers

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Steve Nash on the Lakers

Does anybody else think that the Lakers just couldn't possibly use Steve Nash any worse than they are right now?
With Steve Nash coming people were talking about Bryant playing off the ball more, but it seems Bryant has the ball in his hands even more this season, trying to be Magic Johnson on many nights. Why would you try to be Magic Johnson when you basically have Stockton on your team?
The Lakers are using Nash in a sort of Mario Chalmers role and i actually think that they would be better with Chalmers at point because Mario can defend.
This is sort of coming out of nowhere, though yesterday Kobe had 12 assists and Nash had 1. We know Nash can still pass - he averaged 11 assists for a crappy Suns team last year.
I'm sorry, I've just been thinking about that for a while, what do you guys think? Do you think the Lakers would be better off with a guy like Chalmers playing point?

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Kobe was able to play off the

Kobe was able to play off the ball during the Olympics for long stretches but the Lakers dig themselves in such holes that Kobe has to carry the team. Their problems start on defense, and if you watched last nights game they came back from 25 down based on their defense. Hornets didn't score a point in the last 7 mins of the game. I really thought Nash and Kobe would compliment eachother much better but it's not the core of their problems.

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both good points

I've actually been questioning their use of nash a lot lately too. Chilbert Arenas is right that their problems start with their defense but strictly speaking about their offense, im still waiting to use Mike D'antoni's "genius" make some adjustments. First off, Kobe needs to learn/accept to play off the ball again. Nothing looks natural with them on offense. For example when Nash does penetrate in the lane, more often then not the other guys have their thumbs up their ass and don't make a cut or something productive. All the dump offs/dishes that we are used to seeing from nash haven't happened more than 10 times this year because nobody can realize their proper role. This is something that separates Phil Jackson from other coaches and is why we all know he should have been the obvious choice. Although a kobe-nash connection in a making plays sense isn't their core problem, they must figure out an understanding of each other's games to improve the overall team.

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Have you guy's seen Steve

Have you guy's seen Steve Nash? I don't know if it's leg or just old age (probably a combo), but he's not able to beat guys off of the dribble anymore. He's too slow. Kobe is the only player who can break his defender down consistently off of the dribble.

Also Nash is arguably the best shooter in NBA history. It makes sense to put him on the same side as Kobe to spread the floor and open up driving lanes.

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no idea

I was thinking the exact same. I thought Kobe was going to be able to conserve his legs so much more this year for the simple fact that he's playing with an all-time great PG in Nash, which would allow Kobe to not have to initiate the offense so much, and basically just play the role of go-to scorer. Boy was I wrong. Kobe has really taken on more of a LeBron role this year and is having to dominate every category.

Personally I blame Dantoni, I think he lets Kobe basically coach the team. And if u give Kobe that opportunity then he is clearly gonna play the game his way. Kobe needs a strong minded coach (Phil Jackson) who will stand up to him and tell him how to execute properly.

This is not to say that I don't love Kobe. He's my favorite player in the game, but I'm worried if he is having to do to much on a consistent basis. He's still great, and is certainly still a top 4 player in the game, I just don't like seeing him have to do so much for the Lakers to win

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